Apple comments on pre-paid iPhone

Earlier today Cricket Wireless announced that it would bring pre-paid plans to the iPhone 4s and iPhone 4.

“By making iPhone available on pre-paid plans through Cricket Wireless, we are making the best smartphone more accessible to an even broader market in the US,” Apple representative Natalie Harrison told The Loop.

Cricket is the first company to make pre-paid wireless plans available for the iPhone. According to Cricket, the plans cost $55 per-month and include unlimited talk, text and data plan. The data plan does contain a fair use policy of 2.3GB 1.

  1. Personally I think it’s wrong for companies to advertise unlimited data plans, but then cap them. 

  • I find it weird that this is called the first pre-pain unlimited iPhone in the US. I owned an original iPhone. 700$, no contract, unlimited data, about 50$ a month. This is how the original iPhone was sold: you had the option of contract or no.

  • We have had prepaid iPhone here since a few months into the 3G model…6 months in, I think. Cost is about 10,500 pesos, which is about 750USDlls.

  • Scottearle

    In Thailand all phones are sold without contract, and are not locked to a single carrier. So you buy your phone and either plug your existing SIM card into it, or go get a SIM card from one of the carriers. Many people here use pre-pay SIM cards, as you can’t get a nasty shock at the end of the month.

    • Dkusack1

      That would be awesome. Unfortunately for us in the united states, the carriers bend us over any way possible.

  • kvanh

    AT&T and Verizon sell plans of fixed amounts but let you pay for more adhoc. Cricket throttles you at 2.3 GB but you don’t pay more.

    Not sure one is better than the other, except cricket’s is a bit disingenuous because they claim unlimited.

    Does cricket have LTE?

    Still looks like I’ll be switching from at&t to Verizon with next phone. AT&T bogus 4G and weak LTE roll out irritates me

  • lucascott

    contrary to folks believe unlimited relates only to the amount of data you can use before you owe more money NOT the speed. We sign that term of use when we sign our contracts. If you didn’t read the details that’s not the carriers fault.

  • Enough of the US centric BS. Pre-paid iPhone plans are normal in the rest of the world, and have been for years.

    It really rubs me up the wrong way when Americans pretend that if it happend outside the US it didn’t happen. It’s the kind of arrogance that leads to American sporting events being called things like “The World Series”.

    Stop it!

    • Some of us here in the states don’t pretend. We deeply envy the options available in other countries, and complain about our lack of choices.

      But in the meantime, we discuss what’s actually available to us when trying to make a purchasing decision. That’s not BS, that’s realism.

    • Do we complain about having to pretend to care about the diamond jubilee?