The need for ‘Like’ and ‘Tweet’ buttons

Shawn Blanc:

When I redesigned this site I considered every element and asked myself why it was there and what purpose it served.

I did the same thing when I redesigned The Loop last September, but I kept the Tweet and Google+ buttons because I thought readers used them. If nobody is using the buttons on the page, I’d gladly get rid of them.

  • D Pauw

    I tweet links but never use buttons on the site itself (actually viewing this inside Tweetbot). If it makes the site faster to get rid of them I’d do it.

  • Pedro C

    I never use those buttons. I am always a little afraid that the behavior will change and do something that I don’t want to. Like some Twitter buttons that instead of loading the feed, add the fella to the followers. Copy and paste is my way.

    • Pedro C

       Also, getting rid of it would do wonders for the load times.

  • I’ve never once used one of those buttons, on any site. That’s what APIs, bookmarklets, and copy/paste are for.

  • chjode

    Not only do I never use those buttons, I run browser add-ons (NoScript for Firefox, ScriptNo for Chrome) to block them.  At least you don’t have one of those Meebo bars at the bottom of the page.

  • In Safari 5.1.2 I see two Tweet buttons and the g+1 is not aligned properly.  Heh.

  • Stevetim

    kill the button

  • Sue

    Add me to the list. Never use the buttons.

  • Ra

    Have NEVER used that kind of button on any site

  • snow_whitey

    I never use the buttons, because I have a browser plug-in that gets rid of them. I actually know how to share stuff on social media sites, and would assume your learned audience does too.

  • I never use them. I have browser add-ons/bookmarklets to handle the job. I’m also considering removing them from my site – they served a purpose at one time, but that time has long since passed.

  • lucascott

    I don’t use them, don’t feel like I ever will but they aren’t really an issue for me because they are discrete, to the side and easy for me to ignore.

    it’s sites that basically wallpaper with that stuff that annoy me