This is why we’re fat

Wow, portions have increased quite a bit since 1950.

  • Don Schaffner

    That, and Heinekens 😉

  • I don’t believe the infographic. It says “average restaurant meal”. A 3/4 pound burger is served at only the highest end sit-down burger joints. The “standard”  burger is 1/4 pound, and if even if you assume most people get a double-stack you are only talking 8 ounces, not 12.

    And the only way I’d believe 42 ounce drinks is if you are counting re-fills.

    Yes, most portions are too large. And people should eat less. But let’s deal with truth…

    • lucascott

      even if you are correct and they are exaggerating, fact is that too many folks are eating those cheap 1/4 pound burgers with full fat mayo, a half a pound of greasy fries etc way way too much. Add to it that many of them barely get a mile of walking a week much less a real workout and yeah, this is why we are fat. especially when that someone is a kid that is eating 4 times the calories he actually needs with that meal

  • No
    1. Artificial Fertilizer.
    2. Pesticides.
    3. Growth Hormones (bigger animals)
    4. AntiBiotics
    5. Farm Subsidies
    6. Microwavable Dinners
    7. Industrial Processed Food.
    8. Soft drinks in every meal.

    I guess these had noting to do with it. Sugar was substituted from Fat in 70s because media scares.

    Liquid calories are not recorded by the body because in nature water is 0 calories. Fat is scarce.  Sugar is even more. I am sure the Heinekens you are drinking right now  don’t count.  right. 

    • Super-size me for only $1.19 more, please.

  • Player_16

    They say ask for smaller portions -but you’ll probably be charged the same price. 

  • Gonji

    Food industry: “To sell more hamburgers let’s not make them taste better, let’s just make ’em bigger.”

    Android OEM’S: “To sell more phones let’s not make a better user experience, let’s just make ’em bigger.”

  • Gonji

    Sorry, double post. Playing with new iPad dictation.