Guy English:

Ultimately, the retention of talent will be Apple’s Achilles’ heel.

  • Mel

    Disagree, trying to retain talent will be the achilles heel.  Learning organizations like Apple do try to retain talent, because they are set-up to  attract.

  • Mel

    missed a ‘not’ out of my comment above……dumbass 🙁

  • Jim H

    From the article as well: “It’s time to criticize the champ. Let’s quit handing out wedgies and let’s start pointing out faults.”

    Please. I have been using Macs since 1986. Trust me people have been handing out enough wedgies and pointing out faults as well since Apple has existed. What is it about Apple that makes everyone and anyone think they somehow know better? When ever I read things like this my knee jerk reaction is to think “fuck off”. I thought the same thing here.