Steve Jobs honored in star studded Webbys tribute


Steve Jobs may have built Apple into the world’s most valuable technology company in part by betting against the web. But global celebrities and some of the Internet’s brightest stars joined together to create a heartfelt tribute video honoring the legendary entrepreneur during Monday night’s Webby Awards in New York City.Barack Obama, Bono and Sarah Silverman were among roughly a dozen celebrities and political figures to appear in the video thanking Jobs for his company’s role in changing the technology world and everyday life for millions upon millions of digitally savvy consumers.

  • “Steve Jobs may have built Apple into the world’s most valuable technology company in part by betting against the web.”

    I feel like Mr. Laird hasn’t been observing the same reality as I have.

    Watch any of Jobs’ keynotes or interviews from the mid-to-late 90s and you’ll see that he’s passionate about getting the Internet and the web into the hands of consumers. I recall one pre-return-to-Apple interview where he highlighted the Internet’s benefits by talking about how he had stored his home folder online and could sit down at any (presumably NeXT) computer and use it as if it were his home machine. The stuff he was talking about then, 15 years ago, was in some ways ahead of where we are today with cloud computing in the mainstream, and he was trying to get that stuff into our hands.

    iCloud is the latest iteration of ideas in that direction, but this isn’t something that just started last year. The “i” in iMac stood for “Internet.” And you can’t forget Sherlock, which had its channels to help you find web content. That was 1997. That was when he started rebuilding Apple. He bet on the Internet, not against it. Even with the original iPhone, their “very sweet solution” to apps was web apps. Jobs bet on the web the entire time he was at Apple.

  • Not a very fitting tribute to Jobs, if you ask me.