More thoughts on a larger screen iPhone

Will Hains:

So, how hard it is for developers does not factor in Apple’s decision here. Rather, decisions are based on the resulting product; and then Apple works on making the transition as smooth as possible within that constraint. “Do I want this to happen?” is a different question to “Will it happen?”

I don’t agree with everything in this post, but the middle section is a good read.

  • lucascott

    I agree with the guy that says there’s no practical reason for it. No one pushing these rumors has given us any reason for why Apple would see the need for a bigger screen. The only reason has been basically that everyone else is doing it. And Apple has never followed that logic, especially on a product that is getting millions of sales as is. They don’t change to compete with imaginary competition. And they don’t change to compete by copying competition. 

    give me a valid and practical reason why Apple would see the need to make a change in the screen size for the iPhone and then we can talk. But so far there isn’t one. So yes not screwing with the developers over something that has no point is a valid reason Apple won’t be doing it. Just as ‘they are changing to add X which gives Y to the developers’ would be a practical reason why they might do it. 

  • If 16:9 was the king of aspect ratios the iPad would be widescreen. They had a blank slate with that device and yet chose an even squarer screen than the iPhone.

    If they make a taller screen, I’d expect it to be because of some new global iOS feature—something like persistent Siri. Otherwise, as stated many times before, it causes devs pain for no good reason.

    • His Shadow

      For all the prattle about the iPad as a “consumption only” device, Apple chose a scree size that made the iPad mimic a sheet of paper or a notebook. A functional aspect ratio, with room for widescreen within it. I’m sure the competition is happy proclaiming their products are”better for video” by giving them the physical dimensions of a shingle.