Pixelmator update enables sandboxing for OS X Lion

This update enables sandboxing for OS X Lion and improves overall stability.

This is the very first app I’ve heard of that implements sandboxing.

According to Apple, “sandboxing protects the system by limiting the kinds of things an application can do, such as accessing files on disk or resources over the network. Limiting the capabilities of an app to just those operations that it needs to perform helps keep the rest of the system more secure in the event that an app is compromised.”

Not a big surprise to see the Pixelmator team ahead of the curve on implementing new features.

  • Downloading now. I’ll be interested to see how much of an impact this has.

  • Good on Pixelmator, especially in light of the recent Adobe security issues. But, there are a few other high profile sandboxed apps out there.

    Check in ~/Library/Containers/ to see which apps have folders there. As an example, on my machine 1Password, Iconfactory’ Flare and xScope, Carousel (an Instagram client), and Apple’s Preview and TextEdit all have their own sandbox containers.

  • Small, newer apps probably implement it as well. When we ported our iPhone game (shameless plug: NineGaps) implementing sandboxing for it had almost no impact on the development timeframe.

  • For what it’s worth Jim, 1Password had sandboxing last August when version 3.9 landed in the Mac App Store.

    Disclaimer: I work for the 1Password folks.

  • I had updated my Mac apps Backdrop and CryptoQuote for sandboxing in time for the previous March 1 deadline.