Kaspersky lied

This statement was taken out of context by the magazine – Apple did not invite or solicit Kaspersky Lab’s assistance in analyzing the Mac OS X platform.

In other words, we lied and got caught.

  • “In other words, we lied and got caught.”

    Maybe but isn’t it just as likely that the CTO was misquoted?

    • Dan

      Lied? lol. This site seems to have some bitter people.

  • How did they lie or get caught?

    If they were lying, it makes no sense that they would issue a public statement refuting the veracity of the quote mere hours after it was first published (unless they either had a sudden change of heart or were relying on the idea that a lie can get halfway around the world before the truth can tie its shoes). Nor has anyone caught them, since they were the ones who took the initiative in calling out the quote as being untrue. I didn’t see any journalists or anyone else refuting their claims or calling them on their supposed lie.

    On the other hand, it’s not uncommon for executives to get misquoted or to speak out of turn. Either way, at least in this case, that lands on the editors at Computing or the CTO who was quoted, not on Kaspersky as a company.

    That doesn’t change the fact that Kaspersky is still slimy. I just think we’re being unfair here in saying this is slimy until we have some more information.

  • Jimseth

    Or Apple told him to stfu

    • Occam’s Razor: What is more likely? That the guy was misquoted or that Apple “got to him”?

  • It seems unlikely that Kaspersky would deliberately have “lied” about this, why go through the hassle and pain of such an action when it’s completely unnecessary to Kaspersky’s fortunes?

    Presumably the Mac business would be minuscule for Kaspersky compared to the PC side of things, as it would be for virtually every Internet Security company. A few more Mac sales won’t make or break the company’s profit margins. 

    Also, intentionally getting Apple off-side by purposefully “lying” wouldn’t appear to be the greatest move if you ever want closer relations with Apple, despite Eugene Kaspersky’s assertions that Macs are 10 years behind Windows in security – assertions which certainly have a lot going for them considering the “Flashback” episode. 

    On a side note, I’ve checked about a dozen Macs for friends and family since the Flashback saga erupted, and although I only found one which was infected with Flashback, to the horror of the person in question, Mac security is certainly a very real topic, now more than ever.  

    I have no idea what exactly transpired, but given Kaspersky’s top people are Russians who grew up speaking Russian, it seems more likely to me that something was “lost in translation”, perhaps as it was being “translated” in the brain of the person speaking to the journalist – even though Kaspersky’s top people speak English as a second language very well – I know, I’ve met them in person. 

    As I said, I don’t know the “truth” of the situation, and I can only make educated guesses based on logic, but to say Kaspersky outright “lied” looks more like a clever ploy on your behalf for traffic – your headline was the only reason I clicked this link in the Google search results.