Ben Brooks:

A widely adopted, seamless, fast, robust iCloud is the greatest threat to Apple’s competitors — and this time around I think Apple knows it.

iCloud is becoming the center of everything Apple wants to do with its devices, whether it’s a Mac, iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.

  • VGISoftware

    “Its” not “it’s” on the first one, Jim. tch, tch.

    I agree, though. I saw immediately around the time the iPhone came out with its tight integration with the Apple system, any would-be competitor would have a really tough time of meeting or beating them.

    It’s turned out to be very true.

  • Obsidian71

    iCloud –  the glue the keeps the Apple ecosystem together. 

  • imthedude

    Yet today the mail was down for an hour and half. Did they bother to put that status on the iCloud website? Nope. Well not until the outage was over. It’s not the first time either. 

    I think they still have a long way to go as far as availability and reliability in this category. 

  • They have a long way to go to make it work right. There is at this point no easy way to wipe the data in individual features easily. For example. some buggy program added 25,000 bookmarks to my Bookmarks Bar in Safari. Needless to say, Safari screeched to a halt and became completely unusable. Just as I needed it in a big way. My head was hurting after four hours of struggling to figure out what to do.

    Finally, I found you could create a new Safari folder in your user library and that gets synced to iCloud. But make sure to turn off bookmark syncing on your iPhone and iPad before you do. Otherwise iCloud starts taking those bad links (which surprisingly did not slow down my iPad like it does my Mac Pro) and shove them back up to iCloud. 

    And that’s another problem. The only option you have is to merge your local bookmarks (on your iPad or your iPhone) with iClound. You can’t tell it to replace the iCloud bookmarks with the ones on your device. That only works from a Mac. But it doesn’t tell you that, and in fact implies you can’t. You just have to know how (as I mention above).

    This is a mess that need to be upgraded to usability. I would be tempted to delete my iCloud account and start over, but then how would that mess up my iTunes Match?

  • Jens Krahe

    iCloud also has to replace iTunes in Apples perspective and give them the chance to divide the media on different Apps on the desktop like the do on the iOS devices. Brilliant as always.

  • clasqm

    Sure. Get back to us when iWork uses the same file format on iOS and OSX.