Digitimes is more often than not full of shit – it’s a proven fact

Harry McCracken for Time.com:

But the thing is, Digitimes isn’t just wrong some of the time. When it comes to the big Apple stories, it’s wrong most of the time. Sometimes wildly so. It’s reported that its sources had said that Apple was going to release MacBooks with AMD processors, iMacs with touch screens, iPhones with built-in projectors and iPads with OLED displays. Those products, and others mentioned in Digitimes articles, never showed up.

McCracken looked at 25 Digitimes predictions about Apple. Sixteen of them turned out to be wildly off base.

I completely agree with Harry’s assessment: journalists writing about Apple need to take a much more critical view of what Digitimes says until it’s independently verified.

  • imthedude

    I started refusing to read websites that use digitimes as a source for anything. They’re so full of shit. 

  • Defendor

    I think McCracken is too generous with digitimes.

    I think they do more than pass along rumor, I think they manufacture them. They also sell access to their “market intelligence”. Ha!

    Remember when Gruber thinking aloud thought a fall release for an iPad might make sense? This was nothing but his speculation. Shortly after Digitimes was reporting fall iPad release in 2011. IIRC they have recycled this again for 2012.

    Almost immediately after iPad 1 release, Digitimes started in on the 7″ iPad rumors. I think they have released this rumor a couple of times a years since. We are now up to 5 times they have released this rumor. It would be ridiculous to give digitimes any credit for a correct on this rumor, if someday Apple ships a smaller iPad.

    Also their “correct” rumors are weak. Switching to LED backlighting. That is completely obvious that once LED backlighting was available, everyone was switching ASAP.

    Digitizes is complete bunk IMO. Stopped clocks are better at telling time, than digitimes is at making a real Apple prediction.


  • PDelahanty

    Step 1) Create tech web site to post wild guesses as rumors. Step 2) Step 3) Profit!

  • Froumrasha

    Dudes, Steve Jobs said bluntly that Intel’s integrated graphics “suck”. Who knows, Digitimes might be right about AMD, as Apple needs good graphics for those retina displays!

  • I wonder if McCracken made any use of Shawn King’s Stupid Apple Rumors site for deriving his Digitimes statistics from.

    Because if he did, it’d be nice to give credit where due.

  • “Because if he did, it’d be nice to give credit where due.”

    I highly doubt Harry would have used any of my material. But the fact is I’ve been saying and proving Digitimes is full of shit for almost a year now. Harry, Fortune, TUAW et al are late to this party. 🙂