Zuck’s hoodie is a mark of immaturity, says analyst

Mark Milian for Bloomberg:

Wearing a hoodie to a meeting in New York on Monday with potential investors is a sign of Zuckerberg’s lack of seriousness, according to Michael Pachter, an analyst for Wedbush Securities.

Some might think that judging someone based on their appearance or the clothes they wear is a sign of immaturity. Just food for thought.

  • in another news, immature guy founds the most successful social network companies ever and manages to do an IPO and keep control from seriously dressed, mature, investors & analysts.

  • Imagine if he wore jeans, New Balance sneakers, and a black turtleneck.  gasp

    • Player_16

      Nah, it’s been done. Now you just walk out in a dark dress shirt, w/tails hanggin’ out with a cool, defiant glare.

  • Crusoe

    He climbed a ladder to success in that hoodie—why would he think to ever wear something else?

  • Jeez, I’m glad he’s never seen me in my ‘Boba Fett’ hoody!

  • Mike Rentas

    D’awwwww, the douchey business reporter is upset that the billionaire entrepreneur didn’t try to impress him with a fancy suit! How precious!

  • D Pauw

    They need to make this into a TV show. I’m sure the CW would pick this up in a heartbeat.

  • imthedude

    Zuckerberg could have found wild success if he had only been more like Michael Pachter. Being sharp dressed is surely the key to success, just look at Steve.

  • Well, at least they did not shoot him…

  • Sean

    I’m betting that somewhere in the late 70s some “analyst” said, “Steve Jobs showed up to a meeting in jeans and sandals. If this guy really wants to go anywhere, he’s going to have to start dressing to impress people.”

  • How good, that clothing does not make people smart.

  • I don’t think the hoodie wouldn’t come off as immature to some if he handled/connected better with investors and analysts. Even if he wore a suit, his IR performace would still be just as poor, but maybe he would appear to be more “inept” than “immature” with the hoodie, possibly the perception is shifted towards immaturity and lack of seriousness as opposed to lack of experience and skill in IR. 

    When Apple execs met with AT&T Board of Directors for iPhone partnership, the AT&T execs who Apple had been working with implored that they dressed up and wore suits. Apple exec responded- Suits, we don’t were suits! We’re Apple! Heck, we don’t even own suits! 

    Silicon Valley culture is quite different than Wall Street, but what really matters is performance and execution. If one can do that, nobody really cares what you wear.

    Problem with Facebook was recent IR conference was just a replay of a presentation already on the web, and short and unfulfilling Q&A. So, FB hasn’t hit it off well with investors thus far, however, the company is totally new to this. There is a learning curve.  

  • That analyst’s expertise came free with his suit.

  • Imagine if Zuckerberg was packing a bag of Skittles with that hoodie!

    Also imagine if the people who rabidly gambled with our money, destroyed the housing market, and nearly brought the world to its economic knees had simply dressed more mature—