Pocket artillery mini cannon

Cool Material:

The Pocket Artillery Mini Cannon looks like a harmless desktop accessory, it’s nicely polished, available in some eye-catching colors and it seems like an ideal way to show off your eye for design and love of little trinkets. Then you light the fuse. All of a sudden that fun office party turns into a hospital run cause Dottie took a BB in the hand.

Don’t lie – you know you want one.

  • skippykawakami

    I’ve seen videos on Youtube by a guy that made mini-cannons like this. Easily the coolest toy in the world. I remember thinking “This looks awesome, but experience tells me it will end up really lame,” and then being delighted to be proven wrong. They’re every bit as cool as you’d hope.

  • At times, yes.

    Yes, I have.

  • MrPhotoEd

    “Don’t lie – you know you want one.” For some meetings I have had to suffer through…….YES!

    Just a thought

  • Christobel

    Must be a guy thing.

  • Jim

    Isn’t it materiel?