Tennessee passes ‘Gateway Sexual Activity’ Bill

Erica Ho for Time:

At the heart of the matter, most of the controversy stems from the “gateway sexual activity” line, which remains vague and was not clearly defined before the bill went to vote. Some detractors argue that it could unreasonably punish teachers for allowing students to cuddle, hold hands or even hug, whether in the halls between classes or at a school dance.

Burying your head in the sand doesn’t make things go away.

  • I am so embarrassed to live in Tenn. My wife and I are moving in the next year or so back out west. This truly is a very, very, very strange culture here. And it will only get worse.

  • Another in a series of deliberately vague laws that can be used against anyone a sufficiently powerful public official wishes to harrass or disempower.

  • Quick! Those teenagers are making googly eyes at each other!

    The next thing you know, passing period will be nothing but a hallway full of orgies.