WWDC 2012 is officially sold out

If you’re an Apple developer and you haven’t already snagged a ticket for this year’s WWDC, better luck next year: Apple has updated its WWDC Web site with an indication that tickets for this year’s event are no longer available – they’re sold out (in record time).

  • deviladv

    If we go by your posts, that’s about 90 minutes.  That’s insane.  We’ll be counting in seconds next year.

    • Peter Cohen

      More like two hours from the time WWDC got announced. I was really late to the punch with the initial announcement this morning – my profuse apologies to Jim and our readers.

  • ungeheier

    Sucks for those still asleep on the west coast.  I saw Marco say something around 5:30am/6am PST.

  • WWDC was announce at 8:32 (EDT), and sold out at 10:26 AM. 

  • JohnOCFII

    I’d love to know what Apple thinks of WWDC selling out so quickly.  

    • Do they like it because it attracts attention?
    • Do they accept it because they think choosing larger venues or more sessions simultaneously would water down the value?
    • Do they intend to continue hosting in a similar sized venue, or do they intend to try something different to meet the (clear) demand?
    • There are only so many Apple employees to provide the sessions.

    • The Conference isn’t a simple media event they can easily scale. It’s based in part on providing enough engineers to meet with devs who have questions and problems to solve.