Clicky keyboards

Shawn Blanc has a very detailed review of his favorite clicky keyboards, including sound recordings of the sound they make when you type. I found the words-per-minute and accuracy were particularly interesting.

  • Shawn is a douchey Gruber wanna-be with a dose of Jesus thrown in. Clicky keyboard and fussy coffee. Spare us, please.

    • gjgustav

      Or you could not bother posting and let people read the article and judge the content in and of itself, not based on your personal opinion of the author.

      • Comment sections are for opinions. If an opinion isn’t wanted, the author can turn off the comments or moderate the ones he doesn’t want. Just sayin’.

        • gjgustav

          Fair enough. I assumed the comments should be about the article and not the author.

          Seriously though, I’ve been looking for an article to compare these three keyboards for a while now. I have an Apple Extended Keyboard II (but sadly no ADB->USB adapter), and was interested in the Das Keyboard and Tactile Pro 3. I prefer mechanical switches. Can you point me to a review of these keyboards written by someone of whom you approve?

        • Some of us who’ve been making our livings using keyboards for decades can actually tell the difference between a well-made one and a not-so-well-made one. 

          You can call that “fussy” all you like, but I’ll bet there’s something in your life that you consider better enough than its counterparts that you’d choose it over the rest.

          Say, a car. Or a smartphone. Or even a computer.

          “Just sayin’.”

          • His Shadow

            Precisely. Unless your life is all Lada’s, McDonalds hamburgers and Walmart clothes, carping about people having “fussy” preferences for the things they use for hours a day (keyboards) or the things they enjoy (premium coffee and associated devices) is just another form of pretentious douchebaggery in and of itself.

    • CJ

      “Gruber wanna-be with a dose of Jesus”?  Oh great, now I have another feed in my RSS reader.