Apple’s sustainability

John Gruber:

I agree with one thing: sustaining high profit margins is difficult. But where Denninger goes wrong is in assuming that competitors can easily or quickly copy what Apple is doing.

Copying the look of a piece of hardware is one thing, but copying the experience that Apple delivers is almost impossible.

  • His Shadow

    iPod, iPod, iPod.

    The tech pundits pounded the tables with their virtual shoes for 10 years insisting that Apple could not maintain it’s lead in portable media players because the twin forces of competition and commoditisation would bury Apple’s premium products under a deluge of “good enough” imitators.

    And now we see that despite history, Windows 8 is supposed to be the iEverything Killer, rendering Apple’s desktops AND mobile offerings irrelevant with their promise of a “no compromise” OS.

    Good luck, I guess.