Now THAT’S a conversion van

Up until a few years ago I owned a Chevy conversion van. It was awesome, and if it hadn’t suffered a catastrophic failure I’d probably still be driving it. Anyway, Becker Auto Design has created what might be the ultimate conversion van – “JetVans” built off Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis with leather seats, birdseye maple and a gaggle of expensive electronics to help you and your passengers ride in luxury.

Conversion vans, for the uninitiated, are regular passenger or cargo vans that have been heavily modified for luxury passenger use. They’ve largely become a relic of another era as minivan and crossover makers have begun to outfit their regular models with an ever-increasing array of consumer comforts like captain’s chairs, TV screens, game systems and more.

Becker’s stepped up the game by producing conversion vans that use first-class materials and luxury items you might not expect to see outside of an expensive corporate jet or limousine.