Dear Rogers Wireless shit heads

Do you want to know why people hate you Rogers? Try calling to order a data plan for your iPad or even calling tech support. That will make you so frustrated, you’ll know why most of the country hates you.

I called last Monday to put a data plan on my iPad — five days later, I’m still sitting here with no data plan. Here’s what happened:

  • Call Rogers, they say I need a new 4G SIM card and then call them back. No problem, I go to the store and get one.

  • Install SIM and call Rogers.

  • They go through setting up an account, but couldn’t activate the Flex Plan.

  • Rogers says the SIM card must have been activated already and I need a new one. But it’s new, how can that be?

  • Back to the store with the iPad and ask them to set up the account.

  • They set it up, but couldn’t activate the Flex Plan.

  • Go home, wait for a few hours, get frustrated and call Rogers.

  • I want to activate the Flex Plan. Rogers says the Flex Plan is only for telemarketing and asks where I got it.

  • It’s listed on your Web site under iPad plans.

  • Oh.

  • No problem setting up a Flex Plan, says Rogers.

  • Need to setup yet another account.

  • Wait on hold for 30 minutes.

  • Girl says she can’t activate the Flex Plan.

  • She’s elevating the problem and will have an answer by Thursday.

  • Wait for four days.

  • Rogers calls on Thursday. I answer and they hang up on me.

  • Friday morning comes, I’m pissed off and writing this.

After hours of driving, visiting stores and on the phone, I still don’t have a Rogers plan on my iPad.


  • Is Telus an option, or Bell?

  • Also, if it makes you feel better, AT&T activates accounts and then they just don’t work at all. Not sure which is worse.

  • Steven Fisher

    Ah, Rogers. Total coincidence: They called me three times yesterday. Each time, I answered and they immediately hung up.

    As companies go, though, they’re fucking awesome. Perhaps they were calling to give me money. That’s a possibility. I bet that’s it.

    Anyway, I’ve been through this shit before. Over the next couple weeks, they’ll call me several times per day. It’ll culminate in me reminding them I’m on the DNC. Several. Times. And then I’ll only need to tolerate a brief six week period of them calling me three times a day before they finally fucking stop.

    I truly loathe these assholes.

  • RawBob

    “setup” is a noun. “set up” is a verb.

    …sorry, one of my pet peeves.

    (there, I feel better now.)

    • Another spelling monkey.

      • RawBob

         Actually, it’s grammar.  (or grammer, if that helps you)

        • Steven Fisher

          I stared at this a long time, hoping you’d used the wrong “it’s” or something. Dang. 🙂

          • RawBob


        • Touché! Give that grammer monkey a banana!

    • Thanks Bob

  • Michal

    Bell and Telus both offer the DC-HSUPA network, while Rogers only has HSPA+ and a limited LTE network. I recommend switching to another carrier and telling Rogers why, linking them to this post.

  • I’m going to bell after a month of crappy LTE service on my iPad from Rogers. Downtown toronto and I have yet to get more then 2 bars and higher then 20mbps

  • otheronetruegod

    I had very similar issues. I had a SIM that came with the iPad when I bought it from Apple. I asked Rogers to add the plan to my existing iPhone account and they said “sure” and promptly disconnected my iPhone to use the number on the iPad. When I tried to get it fixed, not only did I need to get a new SIM card, but they refused to add it to my existing 5gb plan (it’s not a “data sharing plan!”), amd wanted a $200 deposit because I was “adding a new line”.


    • Theused

      FYI, $200 deposit means you either suck at paying your Rogers bill on time, or suck at paying your other bills on time. Looks like your the moron here.

      • otheronetruegod

        Perhaps before calling someone a moron, you should understand the difference between “you’re” and “your”.

        I didn’t want a new line, I wanted to data share my existing line. That they can’t do that makes them morons.

  • I would drop them like a bad habit. They don’t want your business, they are ripping a lot of other people off. My suggestions that you look at Bell or Telus but then they are just as fucking bad.

  • Do they have a Twitter account like Comcast’s where you can publicly embarrass them?

    • swotam

      They have several of them, best bet would be to dump on @RogersHelps:twitter and @RogersKeith:twitter since they generally dislike being flagged as idiots publicly on well read Tech blogs. 

    • Steven Fisher

      Yeah, but they don’t really care.

      The sad fact of Canadian wireless companies is they’re all incompetent at providing service, only barely competent at collecting money, and true masters only of fucking you up the ass with massive bills and unexpected charges.

      Most Canadians quickly develop a hatred for the first cell company that fucked them up the ass. They find another cell phone company, and reason that it isn’t fucking them up the ass as hard. Really, in truth, they’re no longer anal virgins and it just doesn’t seem to hurt as much.

      Eventually, though, they realize — hey, OMG WTF — this company has its business up in my rear business. This is awful! I should switch to the others. But not company A, they fucked me in the ass once before.

      There’s only a few cell companies, so you’d think people would realize all the cell companies act the same. But somehow they don’t. The person will end up bouncing from company to company, always remembering the one that screwed them hardest as the bad guys, and the others as necessary evil. But not as bad.

      Watch: People will reply to this with “I’m on Telus! They haven’t fucked me up the ass yet!” or “I’m on Rogers! They haven’t fucked me up the ass yet!” until eventually, we’ve established that no cell phone company actually fucks people up the ass yet somehow, many people are butthurt and willing to swear it was a cell company that did it.

      It’s our fault, though. We provoked it by having money. The cell companies couldn’t help themselves, they were drunk, we asked for it… etc, etc.

      Truly, we are a fucking broken people.

      (Not angry at you, profanity directed mostly at myself. You see, as I write this, there’s a cell company with their business up in my business. But most days, I pretend they’re not there.)

      • swotam

        This pretty much sums it up. The worst part is that it’s a dry fuck, they don’t even bother to use lube.

        • Steven Fisher

          The discount on the shiny hardware is the lube, I think. But since we Canadians have decided that “gosh darn it, three year contracts are okay!” it definitely doesn’t last through the whole experience.

          • swotam

            Ya, but in the end you’re paying for that over 3 years (and don’t get me started about why we have 3 year contracts), so I guess you’re paying for the lube that dries up long before they’re done fucking you 🙂

      • That is an epic amount of assfuckery.

        • Steven Fisher

          Yeah, I think I rode that analogy into the ground.

          From behind.

      • Edzila

        Why have phones?

  • Wallycelli

    I’m not happy with Rogers, I hate them… but I have to stay with them since they are the only provider with LTE covering the area where I live.

    • Hi, If there’s anything we can assist you with, please reach out to us on Twitter @RogersHelps:twitter or Facebook. We’ll definitely look into it!

  • People wonder why I love Apple so much. Sometimes Apple provides a superior customer experience. Sometimes they do not. But most other companies not only don’t aspire to excellence, they think that the inept service they’re already providing is as good as it gets and as much as you deserve. Apple at least aspires – and sometimes achieves – true excellence. In a world filled with mediocrity and worse, you’ve got to love that.

  • Thomas

    So Shawn is not the only one who hangs up on you ? 😉

  • Hi Jim,

    I’m Nicolas from Rogers social media team.

    First things first, I’d like to apologize for this experience. Your detailed feedback didn’t fall on deaf ears and I’ve already shared it internally.

    We’ll contact you via Twitter shortly to get this situation resolved.

    For future, and this is also addressed to your readers, do not hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter @RogersHelps:twitter. Our social media team is here to help!

    Nicolas @RogersNicolas:twitter

  • Frank

    Surreal experience with them too. Set up went smoothly but could not get past a 2-bar connection (I’m in Montreal). They sent me another SIM, same thing. Girl finally says to me (with a hint of exasperation), “Sir, if you think about it, 2 bars is a great connection. Anything more is cosmetic.” What…the,…f***??? Bought a Bell card and been getting 4 and 5 bars each time.

  • Hilarious. You guys have inspired me. I’ve written up how I think executives need to approach social media to manage situations like this. I can’t speak for Rogers, but but maybe they’ll learn from this? (Stop laughing) I mean, if you read Jim’s blog for 5 minutes, you’ll see he’s level headed and intelligent. of luck.David

  • MJ

    I let Rogers a few weeks ago after 10+ years with them, and after having issues and odd charges on almost every single bill. Probably the worst major company I have dealt with in my life. Will never get into a contract again, most telcos have month-by-month plans now. It’s just not worth it. And yes, the grass is greener on the other side. I get more features, minutes, and data now for less than half of what I was paying with Rogers. Horrible company. 

  • Psxp

    fucking awesome!

  • LTMP

    Just to be contrarian, I’ve been with Rogers ever since I got my first iPhone 3G.  They’ve been awesome.

    If only I could transfer my good luck to lottery purchases 🙂

  • Dear Dairy Cringle So very sorry that you lost your Blackberry down the outside toilet resulting in your first altercation with Rogers, who apparently declined compassionate relief for shit for brains.

  • Blueroom69

    Yep, every single time you have to deal directly with Rogers it’s a shit show. They are pathetic. Which is too bad because the actual pipe operates flawlessly in my city.

  • Paul

    Here in Britain, I went to, bought a Three (mobile network) prepaid SIM card – it lasts for 3 months or 3GB of data – for £11. The SIM card arrived the next day, I inserted it into my iPad and it just worked. Immediately. No registration required. Awesome.

  • Brian_doan

    From my experience with them, the flex plan on their website isn’t covered in west Canada. It has the same code as the 3G flex plan but not 4g lte and that’s what caused the problem for me anyways. This was also a month ago.

    I gave up and went to telus. And I must say 2/2 reps were FANTASTIC! Unlike Rogers 1/4 good reps.

  • Cindy Young

    I have a Rogers phone in Crofton ,BC. When I moved here from Victoria last May 2011 they said, QUOTE : your phone will work fine there. LIE NUMBER ONE. Crofton is a dead zone for Rogers(admitted by Rogers store in town close by) LIE NUMBER 2: they then said we will be putting a tower up close to Crofton and it will be fine. NEVER HAPPENED IT IS NOW AUGUST 20th 2012. !!!!!!,!! LIE NUMBER 3: Keep your Victoria number, it is not long distance till you are in Chemainus, ( the town to the north of us)

    • Cindy Young

      They want me to pay to leave them! I feel they legally have not fulfilled their side of contract. Rogers you F-ing idiots! You can pay me $80.00 a month for the 14 months you dicked me around!!! See you in court, I am not going away quietly

  • Bdc

    The trade is obviously booming and providers in general keep hiring all kind of imbecils that will make your life miserable.

  • Pizzedoff

    Keith- I’ve been reading the comments about Rodgers and I’m not suprised about all the bad press they receive . I was with Rodgers since they came to Vancouver Island and was sort of satisfied with them . I did not like that they charged an system access fee of 6.95 a billing period which is a bogus charge . They do it because they can and we willingly pay without asking why . They charge a ton of money for cell minutes and do not pay a lot for them because they can . The big problem is when you want to close your Acc. If you do not read the contract you have to pay an extra month even if the contract is up . So you have to pay for something your not using if you get another phone from another Co . So you have to phone them a month in advance of stopping and tell them you are cancelling . That’s fair in my case because I did not read the small print in the contract and the people at the Rodgers store failed to tell me is something to pay attention too . The worst is that when I cancelled and payed the last bill sent to me I recieved no more communications from them ,Expecting another bill to come for the final amount , which never came A month went bye so I payed what I thought I owed for the final month that I never used my phone in , without recieving a final bill . A year goes by and I get a collection notice from Global Credit Collection agency for a further ? 55.81 which 5.81 is interest . because Rodgers did not bother to send out paper billing . I always payed my cell bill and thought i was being a good customer , but that does not mean anthing to Rodgers . Bewhere of big Co. They only care about filling there pockets with money . I have a friend who is dealing with being cut off of his paper billing something I understand is happening more often with Rodgers . The stupid thing is if they had sent me a final bill I would have payed it and saved them losing money to the Collection agency . I do not know how they hire people but it seems like they are not to smart to me . As to Rodgers just to let then know I would use two cans on a string before I would ever get involved with them again . Rip off for sure and that is a nice way of putting what I think of their Co. I’ll be sure to enlighten everyone I come in contact with about you Rodgers .

  • JC

    rogers fuckin blows ass

  • sadsack

    lol, what do you expect? I want to buy a computer that’s controlled by a corporation… then cry like a baby when I don’t get my way. You bought proprietary protocols and walled in gardens, you should be used to being screwed.