Dear Rogers Wireless shit heads

Do you want to know why people hate you Rogers? Try calling to order a data plan for your iPad or even calling tech support. That will make you so frustrated, you’ll know why most of the country hates you.

I called last Monday to put a data plan on my iPad — five days later, I’m still sitting here with no data plan. Here’s what happened:

  • Call Rogers, they say I need a new 4G SIM card and then call them back. No problem, I go to the store and get one.

  • Install SIM and call Rogers.

  • They go through setting up an account, but couldn’t activate the Flex Plan.

  • Rogers says the SIM card must have been activated already and I need a new one. But it’s new, how can that be?

  • Back to the store with the iPad and ask them to set up the account.

  • They set it up, but couldn’t activate the Flex Plan.

  • Go home, wait for a few hours, get frustrated and call Rogers.

  • I want to activate the Flex Plan. Rogers says the Flex Plan is only for telemarketing and asks where I got it.

  • It’s listed on your Web site under iPad plans.

  • Oh.

  • No problem setting up a Flex Plan, says Rogers.

  • Need to setup yet another account.

  • Wait on hold for 30 minutes.

  • Girl says she can’t activate the Flex Plan.

  • She’s elevating the problem and will have an answer by Thursday.

  • Wait for four days.

  • Rogers calls on Thursday. I answer and they hang up on me.

  • Friday morning comes, I’m pissed off and writing this.

After hours of driving, visiting stores and on the phone, I still don’t have a Rogers plan on my iPad.