Kicking LinkedIn to the curb

Om Malik:

Infact I get so much unwanted email from the service and from people I don’t know and don’t want to know. Today, I got so frustrated with the whole email thing, that I shut down the account. Done! I will give them full credit for making it much easier than say Facebook to delete my account.

I must say this is similar to my experience with LinkedIn. I did use it when I left Macworld to show recommendations, but that’s about it.

  • Rich Gee

    I didn’t de-activate my account but I did stop all email to me.  I was getting deluged from email from groups and people I didn’t know ans alot of it was pure junk(spam) mail.  Terrible.

  • I deactivated my account but still continued getting email from people who knew my work email address and from invites I ignored prior to closing it. I had to email their support ‘robot’ ask it to stop however I do still get them just not as often.

    The reminder emails for people you do not wish to login to ignore are the worst spam.

  • I’d like to suggest that LinkedIn is still potentially useful for those of us who are seeking employment, are relatively less famous than Malik, and aren’t inclined to connect with every individual they’ve ever met, regardless of work-relevant affiliation.

  • I have 600+ contacts on LinkedIn. I have never used LinkedIn to contact anyone. I do use LinkedIn to stay aware of former/current business associates. I get connection requests that are obviously bogus (and the problem has become much worse in the last month), but I just delete the email.

  • I guess I get to be the dissenting vote here.  I began using LinkedIn right after they started.  Over the years, I’ve been very selective about who I add to my network.  After close to 10 years, I have less than 200 contacts. 

    I’ve been in the industry for over 30 years and have worked with 100s (perhaps 1000s) of people over that time and yet I have keep a small fraction of them in LinkedIn. 

    For me, Facebook is about play.  Its for personal relationships and is a place where I can ‘let my hair down’.  LinkedIn is all about business.  Over the years I have found many of the folks who have worked for me by mining my contacts and the broader linked in community.  I have used LinkedIn to find common associations between folks I trust and people I consider hiring.  Nothing beats a personal recommendation from someone I trust when I’m making a hiring decision.

    I agree that LinkedIn creates SPAM.  Honestly, rather than throwing the baby out with the bathwater, I’ve handled the situation by creating a mail filter.  All the ‘InMail’ goes to a special folder.  Every now and then I scan the folder for something decent and I toss the rest.  Very low overhead considering the value that I receive.  Oh, and for the price, you can beat it: FREE.

    Everyone can find fault with the free services that are available.  Everyone is bestowed with the ability to choose whether they want to use a free service.  However, to whine about the evils of a free service does no one any good.  If you hate it so much, then build a service of your own that is more benevolent. And then you can charge whatever you want.  I dare you! -PHF