Analysis of the new iPad as a gaming device

Richard Leadbetter for GamesIndustry International:

But make no mistake, Apple has clear designs on expanding its gaming empire, having dominated the mobile sector with the right products at the right time, backed by the most powerful graphics hardware in the market. In a week where Apple’s market cap has exceed $600bn and where it accounts for 36 per cent of S&P’s total 500 Index Q1 earnings, the sky’s the limit. It’s no longer a case of whether Apple will bring its own brand of gaming to the home, it’s a matter of when and how…

Leadbetter goes into some serious detail about the hardware inside the new iPad, what it means for gaming, what the strengths, benefits and problems are, and what it suggests for Apple’s future roadmap. If you have any interest in how the new iPad stacks up as a game system and its potential, this is definitely worth a read.