Las Vegas missed out on a full sized Starship Enterprise

Gary Goddard:

My concept was to do something so large and so epic, it would fire the imaginations of people around the world. After looking at how difficult it would be to bring people to the downtown core (from the Strip), I knew we had to have something really exciting, dynamic, and without equal. We kicked around a few ideas, and then I came up with something really unique. I went to Chuck Canciller, my lead designer then – and a genius as well – and said, “What if we built the STARSHIP ENTERPRISE – FULL SCALE – on the land at the end of the street. Imagine that…”

That would have been amazing….

  • Kakan1469

    Incorporate interactive science and tech exhibits in it, with NASA and other science agencies partnered with tech companies the likes of Apple, Samsung, LG etc..

  • Such a thing might actually get me to visit Vegas.

  • Buckeyestar

    I think I would dirty myself in glee if such a thing were to exist.

  • DanielSw

    A full size model would have been difficult to build and make to look good amidst all the necessary external support structure.

    It indeed would have been very expensive and would definitely have been a substantial financial and PR risk.

    Despite its apparent broad appeal, it might yet have been too specific and ironically too dated a concept to “bestow” upon Vegas.