Mac business sales grow

CIO Journal:

About 46% of corporations now issue Macs to employees, up by half in just two years, according to a Forrester report. “The use of iPads and iPhones in the workplace is creating increased awareness and consideration of Macs,” said Frank Gillett, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester.Even though more companies are starting to issue Macs, the percent of workers using them is still fairly slim. About 7% of computers companies give to employees are Macs, he said.Macs are the de facto choice of many Silicon Valley startups, and many larger companies now let workers choose a Mac. For example, Cisco CIO Rebecca Jacoby told CIO Journal that about 25% of Cisco’s 63,870 employees use Macs.

  • This doesn’t make sense. Everyone knows the Mac is dead. What’s going on here?!?!

  • At my last day job, it was not only assumed that the Creative/Production departments would be using Macs, but that the nerds in Creative would know how to maintain or upgrade them. 

    We had a good relationship with an understaffed IT in the latter years. I gladly installed additional RAM on about half a dozen towers, but my title was “graphic designer.”