Batman pulled over in his Lamborghini

Apparently he forgot to put license plates on the car.

  • Jeff Carlson
  • Alex Lockhart
    • lucascott

      I know I will burn for it but about half way down that article I couldn’t help laughing at the name  LaTon Dicks 

  • Gregz0r

    Shortly after this photo was taken, four cops were found, bound and gagged, safely, by the roadside.

  • Bob Cedrone

    This guy should go all the way and either get himself a Batmobile, or have the Lamborghini modified to look more like one.

    • Aenean144

      If you read the washington post article linked in the 1st 2 posts, you’ll read that getting his own Batmobile is indeed what he’s doing. The question still burns on whether he’s going with Christopher Nolan’s Batmobile, Tim Burton’s Batmobile, or going all retro.

      My bet is Tim Burton’s. ;)

  • Larissa84

    Read the follow-up piece linked above. The guy is pretty awesome.

  • Charles Pinker

    I love this video of him driving