iPhoto + iPad + DSLR

Abdel Ibrahim:

Since Apple’s first iPad came on the scene in 2010, people have wondered if tablets could stand in for computers. Few would argue they’re not up to casual tasks like Web browsing and emailing, but what about the more demanding ones? What about, say, photo editing? Until recently, that was firmly out of the question. The graphics and processing power of even the top tablets couldn’t hack it. But now, with the new iPad, I’m not so sure.

Quite easily one of the best articles I’ve seen on the topic.

  • Sadly still missing: RAW codecs (with API), API SD card filesystem access, iPhone compatibility for camera connection kit.

    iOS still has quite a way to go as a “productivity” system. Sharing data between apps (and developing apps that play nice with others) is still more or less an unsolved problem on iOS. How about shared documents folder?