The pull-to-refresh patent

Twitter now owns this patent. I use pull-to-refresh all the time — I even try to use it on apps that don’t have it, which annoys me.

Update: The patent hasn’t been approved yet. It’s technically a patent application.

  • Jen

    Everything you said goes for me as well, Jim…I use pull-to-refresh frequently, and I always try it on apps and get frustrated when they don’t have it. 😛

  • Jim, it’s a patent application. As I’ve noted, it doesn’t seem to be awarded yet (and probably won’t be).

  • Gregz0r

    Twitter owns it? I thought it was a native part of the iOS framework, because a lot of other apps use it.

  • I’m trying to remember how long Facebook’s app has had that feature… I’m guessing even if it does get awarded, someone will easily show prior art and get the patent invalidated.

    • Actually, Tweetie seems to be the first to come up with the idea.

      Facebook copied it about 6 months later.