The pull-to-refresh patent

Twitter now owns this patent. I use pull-to-refresh all the time — I even try to use it on apps that don’t have it, which annoys me.

Update: The patent hasn’t been approved yet. It’s technically a patent application.

  • Jen

    Everything you said goes for me as well, Jim…I use pull-to-refresh frequently, and I always try it on apps and get frustrated when they don’t have it. :P

  • ObamaPacman

    Jim, it’s a patent application. As I’ve noted, it doesn’t seem to be awarded yet (and probably won’t be).

  • Gregz0r

    Twitter owns it? I thought it was a native part of the iOS framework, because a lot of other apps use it.

  • JimD

    I’m trying to remember how long Facebook’s app has had that feature… I’m guessing even if it does get awarded, someone will easily show prior art and get the patent invalidated.

    • ObamaPacman

      Actually, Tweetie seems to be the first to come up with the idea.

      Facebook copied it about 6 months later.