The 8 remaining “Worst Company in America” contenders

WOO HOO! It’s time for March Madness! We’re down to the Elite 8!

Final Four? No – we’re not talking about Ohio State, Louisville, Kentucky or Kansas. We’re talking about The Consumerist’s “Worst Company In America” contest.

Companies like Wells Fargo and Netflix, UPS and Comcast, even Apple have been voted on at The Consumerist web site all month. There are only eight wide ranging companies left vying for the title – Bank of America, AT&T, Ticketmaster, Paypal, Walmart, Facebook, Comcast and Electronic Arts.

This is a contest none of these companies wants to win.

  • rwitt

    Bank of America or Ticketmaster, I say.

  • kvanh

    Apple got voted worse than Google? Jeez.  BoA is against Ticketmaster this round so they won’t be #1 and #2 (but should be). BoA gets my vote on that match up.

  • All the remaining worst ones in my book are on the same side:  Ticketmaster, BofA and Paypal.  

    What’s so bad about EA?  I must have missed something.  I can make at least some case for the other 7 of the final 8 but not necessarily all 32.

    • SilverPanda

      Issues with EA games: the horrible DRM system called Origin, the lack of creativity/original content and the overpricing. There are some exceptions, some EA games are good, but they need to be very good and fairly priced to make me endure Origin. 

      • This is what I miss by mostly not playing games. 😉

    • “What’s so bad about EA?”

      This should explain.

  • Apple was nominated as the worst company America according to Consumerist because they charge extra $100 for the 32gb iPad.

    Consumerist such a dumb blog.

  • grovberg

    Yeah, this whole contest is seriously the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Netflix are a paragon of customer service excellence that made a couple of (pretty big) PR mistakes this year and adjusted their unsustainably low pricing. How in the world does that make them even close to the worst company in America? Exxon Mobile? Goldman-Sachs? So nearly destroying our entire civilization is less of an issue than thinking the Qwikster was a good name for something?

    Commsumerist started off strong, but these days it’s almost entirely indolent toddlers whining because they didn’t get a cookie.

  • I’m guessing it’s not a consistent measurement, just a general “this company sucks because of xyz incident/policy”.  Which is really just a reverse popularity contest among somewhat randomly-chosen large companies.