iOS 5.1 upgrade stats

David Smith:

The current adoption rate hits a significant milestone. It took iOS just 15 days to get the same percentage of users on the latest OS version as are currently on any single version of Android.

And this is what happens when you don’t screw your users with fragmentation.

  • CJ

    I’ve seen these stats quoted quite a few times in the last week.  I’d like to point out that they are boooooogus.

    At no point in the article does he clearly state wtf he is measuring.  All users of his app?  New installations of his app?  Downloads of audio books in his app?

    I much prefer when Marco releases stats.  He’s very clear about what he measures.

    • They’re ambiguous, not bogus. There’s a difference, and it was likely an honest oversight since it could be inferred from some of his text that the data was for his total app downloads.

      I just shot him an e-mail asking if he might consider adding a sentence or two to clarify the issue.

      • Just to follow up, I got a response from him via e-mail and it looks like the implication I drew was incorrect. He said:

        “Sure I’ll add a clarification.  They represent unique active users each day.”

        • CJ

          Yup.  A definition of “unique active users” is needed.  Is that people using the program, listening to audio books, downloading audio books…..

          • Agreed. Without any other clarification, I would assume he means “any user observed”, but that’s an assumption on my part, and may or may not be correct.