FCC to AT&T: Concerning T-Mobile, no, F**k YOU

Ina Fried for All Things D, quoting from an e-mail she received from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC):

“…The bottom line is that AT&T’s proposal to acquire a major competitor was unprecedented in scope and the company’s own confidential documents showed that the merger would have resulted in significant job losses.”

What does it say about the state of the nation when major corporations and federal bureaucracies act like bloggers?

  • MrPhotoEd

    AT&T’s initial blog was disingenuous at best and pure BS propaganda through and through. The corporate bottom line and the need to recover from the expenditure from the purchase would of resulted in numerous closings and layoffs. That has occurred in most takeovers that has ever happened. You don’t keep excess expenses around, you get rid of it. Simple good business sense.

    Just 2 cents worth