How to wire your house without making it look like a mess

For some folks, Wi-Fi isn’t the optimal solution – you want a wired network because it’s faster, safer and don’t want to deal with the problems associated with wireless. How do you wire up an existing house without making it look like crap, or doing it wrong?

Writing for TechNewsWorld, Patrick Nelson offers some practical advice for tips you can learn from the pros on how to create an elegant, adaptable and workable wired environment.

(Via LifeHacker)

  • I love an article about how to “Do something without it looking like a mess” that features NO pictures of how to do it properly.  What a bunch of lazy journalism (not the Loop, the original source).  

    Here’s a list of great works of art, *No Photos of the works of art, just my crappy descriptions.

    • Guest

      Does it need pictures? That guy’s house probably doesn’t look like your house. They’d probably be even more frustrating.

  • -LD

    My favorite tip in their article is to go wireless.