iPhoto for iPad, iPhone hits 1 million users in less than 10 days

Apple told me today that its newest iOS app, iPhoto, hit 1 million users in less than 10 days after its release. It’s important to note that figure is users, not downloads. It’s quite possible that one user downloaded the app multiple times, but Apple isn’t counting those, only the unique users.

iPhoto was introduced during Apple’s iPad event earlier this month. The app allows users to manipulate photos and share them with friends and family.

iPhoto is available from the App Store and costs $4.99.

  • If an user downloands an app multiple times, it doesn’t count.

    • bdg

      why not?  if I bought several copies for my employees would that not count?

      • Apple counts only how many units someone paid. If you paid 5 copies, but your employees re-downloaded it 20 times, apple counts as 5 downloads. This is how works iTunes Connect. I don’t think they change iTunes Connect specially for iPhoto, to see the real downloads

  • artysx

    Making 2 billion in 3 days, do they really need to earn these 5 mil? 

  • alex kid

    great!now for an update that makes the app actually useful..

    • ffg

      I don’t really understand this.  I use the app almost daily.  Pretty much everything I upload online from iOS devices gets cropped/exposure adjusted/etc from it.  How much more does it need to do, replace desktop Photoshop?

  • Will W

    Did Apple just make more money selling a $5 app in one week than most smartphone makers from selling a $200 phones in a year?

    •  How much are they making selling that app?  Right, you don’t know.

      • equanimous


      • Will W

        A little imagination? Right, you lack some.

  • Clearly Apple COULD give away all its software these days–the revenues no longer move the needle, and they no longer have to burn discs and print boxes. That they don’t, I think, is much healthier for the iOS and Mac ecosystems.

    For all the hassle of the approval process, at least they’re remaining true to the concept that content and apps have value and cost a few bucks.

    • bdg

      what about competitors though? if Apple apps were all free it would make it hard for 3rd parties to compete

  • Plutonet

    Do you know why? if you use old version (iPhoto), it crashes the iTunes with new iPad.

    • Plutonet

      Sorry, it was a different subject! I thought it was on OSX