Apple responds to supposed iPad heat issues

There have been a couple of stories on the Internet in the past few days that say the iPad runs a bit hotter than its predecessor. Apple on Tuesday responded.

“The new iPad delivers a stunning Retina display, A5X chip, support for 4G LTE plus 10 hours of battery life, all while operating well within our thermal specifications,” Apple representative Trudy Muller, told The Loop. “If customers have any concerns they should contact AppleCare.”

I have been using the new iPad for almost two weeks — a week before it was released to the public and I’ve seen no heat issues. I use my iPad everyday over LTE and Wi-Fi, holding it my hand and on my lap and the device doesn’t get hot.

I have also used all types of applications in my testing of the iPad including GarageBand, iMovie, iPhoto and other music apps. These app take advantage of the faster processor, graphics and Retina display, all without issue.

  • Same usage, but mine gets warm. I wouldn’t say it gets “hot” like my MacBook Pro that almost burns my testicles off on a summer day, but mine certainly heats up.

    • kibbles

      agree — ive been plying Infinity Blade II on it for hours at a time, and it does indeed get noticeably warm. i noticed it because my previous ipads never got warm.

      just chalked it up to the quad-core GPU and bigger battery. physics…

    • Sreenu_135

      😀 man with burnt testicles 

    • Siree

      Simple solution for the heating problem .. Reduce the brightness by turning off auto brightness , solution worked for me , but one problem u will loose essence of retina display

    • Rajesh

      Reduce the brightness of the screen close application not in use

  • My device also hasn’t got hot and I’m using it a lot, using a lot of battery and intensive apps.

  • I’ll be honest, my iPad has been a lot hotter for me than my iPad 2 It is focused in the lower left corner when I am surfing.  I guess I will call AppleCare and see if this is a known “issue”  since some folks seem to not have it at all.

    • Nitewrtrr

      Geb, its not that people don’t have it at all, I think everyone is agreeing compared to the iPad 2 (which was stone cold), the iPad 3 warms up some… the difference here is that it does not get uncomfortably warm, not even close to hot.  so whats the big deal I guess is the question on a lot of people’s mind.  No harm no foul.

      • Cassiemoto

        I have had the new iPad for a few months. It never got hot before, but now it is HOT. Not warm…HOT. Burning hot. All I have to do is pick it up and start to use it. Not for an hour or two. But in a few seconds. It gets too hot to handle. So started using a lap device. Might as well have a laptop..

      • Susanne

        So imagine having your own power surge with a warm iPad on your lap. I live in Florida, do i need the heat on my lap too?

  • rwitt

    Mine gets pretty warm, though not enough to be too uncomfortable or worry me. It doesn’t get nearly as hot as my MacBook Pro. I don’t have an iPad 2 to compare it to, so I don’t know if it runs warmer than its predecessor 

  • I concur. My iPad 1 or 2 never ever ever got hot or even warm, but after my first weekend of use, if I use my iPad 3 for more than 30 minutes at a time while heavy WiFi or LTE use, it noticeably heats up. It doesn’t get MacBook-Pro-with-fans-running hot but the left side, in particular the bottom left quarter on the back, gets warm.

  • Makes me wonder though, since some people seem to feel it getting “not-uncomfortably warm”, while others not at all, is that “warmness” a problem at all? Does it make palms sweat? It being warmer than the predecessor, though not “hot” and not even noticed by most people shouldn’t worry too much, should it?

    • Nitewrtrr

      mine gets warm.  but my palms never sweat.  I like your sweaty palm test.   

  • swotam

    I haven’t noticed anything different on mine, it doesn’t seem to be any warmer or cooler than my 1st gen iPad when doing the usual day to day things. However, if it did get warm when I was doing something intensive I wouldn’t be surprised about it.

    Nothing will bother me unless it gets ball-burning hot like the MBP in summer.

  • chad

    My experience mirrors Jim’s.  Games, charging, videos, etc and not even a hint of added warmth anywhere

  • My 64GB Verizon LTE unit gets warmer than the iPad 2 — but it certainly isn’t hot. It’s not Kindle Fire or Galaxy Tab 7+ hot, but yes, it is slightly warmer

  • Mine does get a little warm, but I tested it against the iPad 2 a couple of days ago playing Real Racing 2 HD and they felt about the same after 15 minutes of playing. It is warm but not hot. I never notice it though as I usually have the smart cover folded back. 

  • Haven’t noticed mine getting hot.

  • I’m also seeing some warmness of my 64GB Verizon LTE iPad. Is this just a Verizon issue? Or are ATT iPad 3 folk seeing the same thing?

    • I have an ATT iPad.

    • i have the ATT ipad 3 and mines got hot. mine was from the shenzen plant and now my replacement is from the chengdu plant i will see if i notice any change.

      • Darlenegriffin

        I just had mine replaced it does the same thing out side live in nh 75 outside it over heated and shut off I need to use it outside.

    • Nome

      I pick up only wifi n have hot issues

  • Steve

    Same here, no problems myself, although it does get noticeably warmer than the iPad 2, which in my experience was always room temperature.  That’s no concern for me, but if people are really experiencing issues where the iPad gets so hot that it shuts off and gives you the ‘overheating, please wait for iPad to cool down’ screen, that should clearly be reason for an exchange (only saw this anecdotally on message boards).  I’ve  only seen that message when leaving iOS devices in the sun for too long….

    Let’s hope it’s just this year’s version of the ‘screen bleeding’ controversy

  • 32GB wi-fi 3, and it gets noticeably warm along the magnetic-cover side.

  • If your MacBook Pro almost burns your testicles off, then you’re not applying it firmly enough to your testicles.

  • qo

    A little, yes. But only in the same sense as the warm afterglow one experiences after great sex.

  • Bill Nation

    Jim, my experiences are exactly the same as yours.  This “the-new-iPad-runs-hot” meme is just another in the long line of propaganda pieces created by the iHaters.  Absolute rubbish.

    • Well I am far from an iHater.  I have had every iPhone and iPad – I am just saying I have gone from no heat to very noticeable heat.  This thread has been incredibly civil.  Lets not label folks who are perceiving a change and want to know if this is a problem.

      • Bill Nation

        Sorry, Geb, but I think ‘iHaters’ is appropriate for anyone saying the iPad runs ‘hot’, when it doesn’t even reach the level of human body temperature. 

        • kibbles

          but thats what the word means..objects in the physical world can be hotter or colder than other objects. it’s a transfer of energy. stating that it’s occurring is not some grave insult to your person. i too have owned nearly every iteration of iDevices, and i love them. but sure enough this one runs hotter than prior iterations. w/ a quad-core GPU and increased battery i figure it’s just physics at play. 

      • Susanne

        I have had two iPads and my fave an iPod. This gets concerningly warm. I cannot figure out why. Do I want to send it back? Yes, do I want to pay? Can I find my receipt?

    • kibbles

      im no hater…yet it does run much warmer. noticeably. 

  • Prof. Peabody

    the giant and obvious problem here is the necessarily subjective quality of the terms.  one person’s hot is another person’s warm.  

    since the overall temperature increase, (even in the torture test the Belgians put it through), is less than 2% it seems that barring an actual physical problem with the device, those saying it’s “too hot to hold” are basically just exaggerating. 

    • Bill Nation

      Exaggerating A LOT, I’d say.  If something that is lower in temperature than normal human body temperature, it is at most ‘warm’.  

    • Jeff

      “Less than 2%”? You can’t do percentages with temperatures.

  • crateish

    Warm, but not hot. Cooler than my iPhone 4, when I am streaming Internet radio over 3G.

  • Mine is 64GB AT&T LTE.  Maybe it is only the ones with the cellular radio that get hotter.  Now it is NOT MBP hot for sure – just didn’t experience this with my iPad 2 🙂

  • jasonqw

    It does get warm at near 100% brightness. Turn down to under 75% and it’s fine.

  • SpacePenguinBot

    I used mine for days at 50% brightness and you could barely tell that one corner was warmer. After reading some comments on other sites I tried turning the brightness up to 100% and it got noticeably hotter. Not too hot to hold by any means, but not exactly comfortable either. Turning the brightness down to 75% made it much more comfortable and going back down to 50% took it back to normal.

    Anyone else try this?

    • SilverPanda

      Considering that you can only achieve 10 hours in one charge with 50% brightness (that’s how Apple tests its batteries), I’d say the hotness is to keep users from upping the brightness too much and killing the battery sooner. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

  • Play Real Racing 2 for a half hour. I noticed it last night, but about half that time, it was in a P&Q cover which covers the entire back so heat dissipation was impacted. pulled the cover off, because steering with the case on clunkier than w/o

    gets a lot warmer than ipad2, but not uncomfortable or anything. 

    for all I know, it could be Firemint’s code.

    Game does look amazing, though.

  • oghowie

    My WIFI only version will get hot after extended use. However, I think this is normal, since it also happens on my iPhone 4S.

  • My iPhone 4S used to get very hot when I first got it but after a few weeks and an update no problems at all. Doesn’t seem to be that big of a concern to me. Not like its going to burn me or melt like a popsicle in my lap….

  • Sfintel

    10 hours of battery life, all while operating well within our thermal specifications,” Apple representative Trudy Muller, told The Loop.

    So, what are the thermal specifications exactly?

  • JohnOCFII

    My Verizon 32 GB iPad gets noticeably warmer than my iPad 2 did.  My use case is running a having map application while flying.  This application keeps the screen lit up for hours at a time.  The GPS is also continuously in use. I noticed the warmth after about an hour.  The WiFi is also in use.  The screen is at about 80% brightness.  It is not painfully hot, but hot enough that when you touch the screen, you notice that it is warmer than I ever felt the iPad 2 screen.  My concern is that heat is associated with (possibly) shortening the life of the electronics.  I just want to know that the iPad 3 won’t fail early due to being warmer than the iPad 2.

    • Nitewrtrr

      I’ve read for basic electronics anywhere from 60 to 75 ° C is okay , higher is where you start seeing degradation. I take that to mean if you can touch it, its probably fine.

      60 C btw is 140 F.  

      • JohnOCFII

        Thanks for that info.  Hopefully that means component failure won’t happen noticeably early.

  • steven_amani

    Mine gets warm in the lower left corner. Its not something I have found worth reporting (I did tweet it though) to Apple. To call it overheating is a bit of an exegeration.

  • sounds like it could be a manufacturing issue as i also have no had any issues with heating and I’ve had it since day 1. i can’t say i play a ton of games or anything but during normal use and using airplay a lot I’ve not noticed any heating differences between this new iPad and the iPad 2. I’m just glad i don’t have the light leaking issues that plagued the initial screens at iPad 2’s launch. thank you samsung for making good screens. but i would definitely expect the iPad to act just like the macbook air i have and get hot in a localized fashion where the processor is located and then dissipate when you use less graphics intensive applications. macbook is still usable when it’s hot but you deff don’t wanna touch that area by the screen where the processor is when encoding videos. i was wondering if this is an LTE/GPS issue or an all iPad issue. mine is a wifi only model. on the iPhone 4s i definitely notice the phone gets hot especially inside a case when I’m using gps intensive apps a lot. 

  • macboy74

    Mine is not get warm or hot. Stays cool to the touch on both wifi and LTE. With heavy use of games and Internet.

  • The1Llama

    The CR article made TWO Points about the HEAT and the BATTERY drain.  What I don’t know is whether they had the iPad3 plugged into a USB port (5w), or the plug (10w)? A 5w USB port may not be able to handle the battery drain from a game that requires A LOT of processor power?I would also like to know how the TOP of the line Android Tablet would do in the SAME test conditions?PEACE!

  • JC

    the ipad3 is simply wonderful. I can watch movies, play games, and fry an egg on it.

  • James Gowan

    This “info” wasn’t released so that customers could stop worrying… It was to spread a little FUD. Apple can’t release anything without someone trying to fault the boys from Cupertino.

  • Val

    Can this overheating issue could affect the quality of the New iPad after a period of time? This will surely affect the sales of this new tablet. I think the best solution would be to extend the warranty of the New iPad, but it would be better if they will recall every device and let the consumers wait for the improved version. Just my opinion!

  • Andyduckworth

    mines as cool as a cucumber

  • The wifi range issue on the new iPad (3) is really annoying, I was really sadden when I tried my new toy and this happened to me A friend suggested to try the “Forget This Network” reset method, which used to work on the older models, but this didn’t improve the wifi range at all. Then, with all hope lost, I came across Pong Research cases. This guys make a very special case which has a built-in antennae that redirects signals and boost the wifi range of your new iPad, iPhone and other devices. This solved my new iPad 3 wifi issues . As a result, I’m able to connect to my router without a problem at all.

  • Lfrisbee67

    My iPad 3 gets extremely warmer then iPad 2. To the point I can not leave it against my legs with shorts. NEVER noticed with iPad . My concern is warranty only last so long and what happens when something burns out.

  • I have just started using iPad 2,64GB…it get hot sometimes.again,when I charge the battery to full of 100% within some few hours,it runs down..most often I I call on Skype or receive calls from my Skype..or play YouTube..plz help me out am getting frustrated about using iPad..send me solution

  • FreQ Mining

    My iPad 2,64GB get heated sometimes.The battery also run down very fast after charging fully at 100%.Any time I get call from Skype the battery will run down..when I play YouTube the battery will still run down fast..why all this problems on my new iPad bought from turkey,designed in California but assembled in China…plz advise me how to solve this my new iPad problems..

  • Fletchersarip

    Guys, for the users iiPad 3 who do not feel any heat, what level of brightness do you use? It might be that lower brightness will elliminate the heating issue

  • Lovelykt21

    I have mine for a week now and it gets so hot I cannot hold on to it. I have to let the fan blow on it in order for it to cool down

  • Ramon Victoria

    Test mine so you should know… It’s getting warm and i’m only using calendar.

  • Nancyprem

    Hey guys its true today. I called in cust support they are not giving solution they are going on with assumption I tried with 75% brightness as some ppl suggested did work and above all even the purpose of buying the ipad3 is lost. They say even If we upgrade the software it might coz the problem.

  • stholy

    The heat issue is clearly because of the powerful cpu / gpu doing some intensive work. Getting a cover of some sought like a silicon type would not let you notice the Ipad getting warm. I had the prob with LGoptimus black, where the back panel gets so hot that you coulsnt hold it. I got a silicon case and i never felt the heat again. I would still go for the ipad.

  • Noticed my ipad2 was very hot. It has been lying on my bed under a duvet all day…so I wonder if that is the cause. It’s also always charging. I notice though last week when unplugged and no radio left on, that it ran out of battery to critical level.

  • Shannon

    My got very hot today. I removed it from the case,because I was concerned.

  • Lonnie

    My iPad is a year old and now is having consistent problems with overheating and shutting down. I have tried lowering the display brightness and shutting off cell service and it does not appear to have any effect. I’m a pilot and use the iPad for paperless charts.

  • Jacque

    I need to know if I have to replace my ipad? It gets so hot that I can’t touch it.this happens when I use the navigation and certain other apps. It’s an ipad 3 64 gig 3G wifi

  • Rivindu Jayawardena

    my new IPAD4 with cellular gets considerably warm when using the LTE internet. Im kind of worried about this :/ 🙁

  • STA003

    My ipad 3 also have Same problem, it is getting warmer fom left side and it takes 7 hours to charge full, and its battery drain very frequently once it comes below 99%

  • Patty

    My ipad heats up a lot when using Skype call feature. Even using Skype IM for few minutes makes it feel like a hot coal

  • JoAnne Rekow-Fowler

    I’ve had my new iPad since early September (it is now mid-October) and it has had no problems until today. I did not turn it off when we went out. We were gone 4-1/2 hours. When we returned, the iPad, which had been in a carrying case, in the on mode, was very, very hot. I mean hot to the touch, almost too hot to touch. I turned it off and just turned it on again now. So far it is not hit. Wh at’s going on? The darn thing cost $700.00!!!

  • Sparky70

    Mine was given as a birthday gift last year. Not only does the charger heat up till quite hot so does my iPad screen and all around the outside. It’s disturbing as I have it in a purple leather cover and it still heats threw that as well after around a hours use!

  • Sparky70

    Ps, mine has actually cracked 4 stylus pens now and I finally worked it out it’s the heat coming from the screen! It’s really disturbing to be frank!

  • sisasenkosi mavinga

    My iPad 4 gets very hot both back and screen when a I am using it. I am a high school teacher and I use it for teaching,I also prepare teaching material on various teaching apps I hardly leave it idle for more than 35 mins. Help someone

  • Billy Talmadge Roberts

    I have an iPad 2. I am wondering if the back is supposed to be magnetic? It isn’t all of it. Just the (while looking at the screen) left side. I just don’t want anything bad to happen to it. I got it from Dish, so there is no way I could replace it right now! LoL

  • Samantha

    My IPad 4 (the new iPad) overheat to such an extent that you cannot touch it or hold it without oven gloves. Yes, this is correct. The brightness is almost at zero and I if d it ridiculous, when the only thing I use it for is to read an occasional book.

  • Wirecake

    Leave asphalt 8 for two hours see if it doesn’t heat up. And I mean it heats, at least mine does, I have a 4 and it gets hotter than 40 hells, I use it for a hand heater in the mornings sometimes if it’s too cold.

  • Sheros

    Mine gets seriously hot. Will be contacting apple as my grandson uses it and has difficulty even holding it. Brightness is turned down and all unneeded apps are off

  • Bhorani Nissaisorakarn

    My iPad in the past 2 years never ever was hot… But this year From July 2014 on getting hot after I using it for less than half an hour?? Something was wrong!!

  • Mangoman

    I’ve got an iPad 2 & it gets Very Hot

  • Carcar

    Mine gets unbeleavablely hot and I have to stop playing on it

  • Tun Shwe

    I want to know ,how to do that’ s problems

  • Sherrie Massey

    Yesterday my kid was charging her iPad Air, I went to turn it and I was shocked to see how warm it was. She said she was charging it and I thought it odd but went on about my business. Later that night she came in my room all scared because the area by the home button was cracked and some of the screen was to.she said it was because of the heat on the screen! Will Apple replace this or not? from the forums I have read there seems to be a flaw in the design and they should be responsible because they should never get hot at all!

  • Marcie

    My iPad gets hot when I play games, but I found a solution, turn off the sound. It doesn’t even get warm no matter how long I play. Not much help for those of you watching movies but sure solved my problem

  • William

    My iPad just to get a hot over the past three or four weeks,I’ve had almost 2 years and this is the first time I have notice it getting hot.

  • Phil Litteer (US Veteran)

    I find that it helps to avoid placing the Smart Cover against the back of the iPad while in use.

  • Faheem Ahmed

    it becomes so hot had i had to put a wet towel under neath it…. apple.. (

  • 4grands

    My iPad 2 gets very hot on the left side, then turns off?