Apple packaging

Anthony Kay:

But with Apple things are different. They don’t just use an ugly cardboard box with their logo and a few stickers slapped on it. They actually give a great deal of thought to the design of the box itself. They think about what it looks like on the shelf, how it presents the contents to the purchaser, and what the experience will be like when you open it.

Exactly right. The Apple experience begins at the store when the product is still on the shelf.

  • rolphus

    Of course, the Apple website and online store also do a great job of showcasing their hardware and software.

  • Anonymous

    I find some of Apple’s packaging annoying.  I recently bought an iPhone 4S and struggled to get the box open.  The top and bottom of the box are a very tight fit and then is nothing to pull or grab to remove the top.  You have to shake the box up and down to get the bottom to stick out enough to grab with your fingers.  Not really the elegant “experience” I would expect.

    • swotam

      True that, mine was the same. I guess with the iPad it’s heavy enough to extract itself via gravity, whereas the iPhone needs a bit of encouragement.

      • There is no need to shake.

        Common sense tells you to hold top portion lightly, and the bottom will slide out easily. Otherwise you are creating more friction between the box halves.

        For those who can’t open a simple box, I wonder how some of you made it to adulthood.

    • Jjaparo

      Guy, I can’t believe you even posted the fact that you had difficultly opening a box. Go her some Velcro sneaker and get some help. Maybe don’t procreate of you haven’t already.

  • jpmhughes

    I have almost always kept the box that Apple products come in. Because they are so well designed and because Apple products almost always have great re-sale value too.

  • I find it reminiscent of unboxing a pair of quality shoes. Minimal excess packaging, good view of the product upon opening, easy access, and in some cases, already laced.