‘This Is A Work of Non-Fiction’

Alli Houseworth, for New Beans:

He [Mike Daisey, creator of “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs”] insisted that “This is a work of non-fiction” be printed in playbills. … So to the producers of the American theatre, I urge you to boycott this work. Boycott Mike’s gorgeous, amazing piece of theatre that is based on a true story. Boycott it until you get the apology that you deserve and do not ever, ever re-mount it or produce a work of his again until you know for sure what is true and what is not so your audiences are never ever mislead again. Stand by your desire to uphold the truth and value of art, of what you work so enormously hard for day in and day out, until you get an apology from the man who calls himself one of you, who is our field’s “leading man” in the fight for theatre as truth and activism.

A powerful commentary from one of Daisey’s peers in theater saying clearly and unequivocally that what Daisey did was wrong, in no uncertain terms, and that he’s a liar who lies again and again without compunction. (Via Glenn Fleishman on Twitter)

  • lucascott

    He marketed it as truth so his ‘this is theatre’ is bollocks. 

    I say boycott him and the theaters that are still supporting him. 

  • EVula

    As an avid theatre person (as a patron, as an actor, as a stage manager, and as someone that has his own theatre company), I was fine with the show’s concept… until I found out that he was actively billing this as a piece of non-fiction.

    Theatre has long been a place to tell stories for entertainment, which is most often pure fiction, but I’ve seen some pretty powerful shows that were based on truth. Part of that power comes from knowing that what you’re seeing is real, and not a fabrication. Daisey is blurring that line, to the detriment of everyone.