iA Writer, Byword and Elements

Shawn Blanc posted his thoughts on iA Writer and Byword. Ben Brooks wrote something about them yesterday as well, which was very humorous.

Personally, I prefer Elements. Quick, easy, uncluttered and uses Dropbox for storage.

  • I bought iA Writer for iOS when it’s price went down to .99$, great app., but the subsequent purchase of their macOS version was a mistake. Very disappointing app on the Mac.

  • Writing Kit has been rocking my world most of this time. The in-app browser, research, and citation tools make it really convenient to do two very different tasks that are so very related within the same app.

    I’ve been using Byword on my Macs, so iCloud sync to iOS is darn appealing. I’m giving it a shot now, but it’s going to be hard to top Writing Kit.