Jolie O’Dell unraveling

This is just classic from Matt Thomas.

  • The tweet that went with her article.!/jolieodell/status/177977490751500288

  • matthewmaurice

    I don’t know what Jolie was thinking. She’s a smart woman, and a fairly good journalist. She must just have a blind-spot when it comes to Apple. And this isn’t the first time she was just flat-out wrong in a post. In an article about Holiday tablet sales, she used a research note from a notoriously inaccurate analyst to support her point. Suffice to say she looked pretty bad when Apple’s numbers were released.

  • coffeecoffee

    Why are people responding to this link-bait article with such ferocity? It’s clearly just a hacky piece written by a hack writer, but people are giving it credence.

    • matthewmaurice

      I think her biggest mistake was that she made concrete, and unfortunately for her-verifiable, conclusions in an OpEd piece. When all of her conclusions were proven to be wrong she looked very stupid, and the thing is-she’s really not.

    • His Shadow

      For the simple fact, I believe, that it typifies the worst of the new AdSense driven journalism.It takes 4 utterly unimportant and actually standard fare occurrences in an otherwise successful product renouncement and weaves a narrative of a “brand unraveling”. The ferocity comes from the fact that literally seconds of searches and minute of reflection would have completely nullified each and every one of the points she claims points to early signs of trouble at Apple. This article wasn’t written by a time traveler who arrived on Earth from 200 years ago just in time to see the announcement. 

      It’s a garbage article that I have to believe was written as link bait because I don’t want to believe that O’Dell is stupid.

  • His Shadow

    That’s laughable and seemingly standard fare for even professional journalists.

    I don’t what it is, and maybe it simply isn’t a new phenomena and is merely made more irritating by the existence of large databases of actual knowledge, but I would like for someone to explain to me how holding an “opinion” is a defense against facts?

    O’Dell’s proclamation that Apple’s brand is unraveling is predicated on 4 instances in the new iPad product announcement that have been invalidated, one by one, by numerous commenters (including myself) in excruciating detail. She is simply wrong in her conclusions. She can have an “opinion” that Apple’s brand is unraveling, but it  cannot be supported by the examples she uses because those example of “glaring” inconsistencies are simply not out of the ordinary, have occurred several times, and are even in the aggregate relevant to the bigger question of Apple’s brand.