Apple iPad event live update

The iPad event has concluded – please check our site for other coverage.

But feel free to read our live update coverage here as well – updates are posted in reverse chronological order (newest on top).

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  • Buckeyestar

    I’m on pins and needles waiting to see what will be unveiled. I’m still hoping for the final piece of the iCloud, iTunes movies. Everything else (iBooks, music, apps, TV shows) is already there.

  • jjones

    I love you.

  •   

  • Asdf

    You wouldn’t believe the number of people waiting here from their web browsers…

  • t-56m

  • Kobus

    In south Africa…we are waiting……even till 2 in the morning…

  • hank endless

    We want our Steve-cracked AppleTV!

  • Me

    Look for haptic (tactile feedback) and C3 Technologies mapping stuff!!

  • Luis1380

    we are waiting here in Abu Dhabi as well.

  • coldsmoke

    I’m looking for what’s new with Apple TV.  Could be interesting….

  • Jake

    so tight… so tight

  • Sankanaka

    waiting in india  

  • Kobus

    You guys and Girls…I had the feeling before…a few hours before my kids were born..!!! not many companies that can recreate this feeling!!

  • hank endless

    Beaming in from Astana.

  • Credit card in buy mode, waiting for Apple Store to return. Maybe pick up the new TV too! Tax returns are a good thing. 🙂

  • Jim, go over there and steal the Verge guys’s camera!

    • hank endless

      crack me up dude.

  • Notstudios

    I would like to see a new hi-res iPad! Also, I’m excited to see Tim Cook in a happier unveiling situation!

  • Sphindo

    Patiently waiting in RSA; thank you for the platform

  • Chitown2012

    Chicago in the house!  

  • A serious question – when they do these things, do they give Mossberg a front row seat?  or does he even not have to be there?

  • Brunzenstein

    Wartung for your comment in Vienna / Austria

  • cannot wait to see what’s next.  

  • Chitown2012

    Jim are you on a bathroom break? Please start blogging 🙂

  • Steven Fisher

    Prediction: The new iPad will not have haptic feedback, but WILL be ribbed for her pleasure.

    • The product red version will be moulded on Tim Cook’s massive package!

  • iPad 3 or HD? Who cares right.

    • Steven Fisher

      Angry Birds HD HD.