A few minutes with the new iPad

After the iPad event ended, I had the opportunity to test out the new device and see if it really was as good as it seemed in the demos.

It really is.

It’s impossible to put into words just how good the Retina display is on the iPad. It’s not just images that look sharper, it’s text too. Reading a Web site or an iBook on the iPad’s display is incredible. Even the home screen on the iPad is crisper and sharper than I expected.

The iPad seemed quite a bit faster in doing tasks too. For example, looking at photos and scrolling showed no lag at all.

One of the great announcements for me was iPhoto and seeing that on the Retina display was amazing. iPhoto has the potential to really change the way a lot of people use the iPad.

The form factor of the iPad itself hasn’t really changed much. It’s still sleek and light-weight, but with all of the new features this is going to sell like crazy.

  • rwitt

    Can’t wait. Might take off from work next Friday to get one ASAP.

    • Foo

      preorder, and you’ll still get it on the 16th.

      • rwitt

        But then I’d have to work too instead of getting to play with it right away 🙂

  • Pre-ordered one this morning after a half hour of clicking refresh to get the Apple Store to load. Says delivery on March 16th. Can’t wait!!!

  • 32GB WiFi ordered. Traded in my original iPad for this upgrade.

  • I got the 64 gig WIFI model. 4G and carrier limits are oxymoronic.

    Even though it’s being engraved, it arrives on the 16th too! Can’t wait! Then next week my Nikon D800 arrives. 

    Woo hoo! Tax refunds rock!

  • rockhell@mac.com

    Oh you silver tongued devil. Must resist. -iRock

  • Name(s…)

    Really nice device ! and already expecting its successor : The new new iPad ! sharp.

  • Andrew Wass

    Hi Jim,

    Any news about a camera upgrade on the iPad3? The one on the iPad2 is rather poor.


  • lucascott

    Even that the team said that they couldn’t show the retina display on the screen because it wasn’t high enough resolution shouldn’t the opening comment be whether the display is better than shown in the demo. 😉

  • James Scariati

    I’m curious…how does the sharpness of the iPad’s retina display compare to the retina display on the iPhone 4/4S?

    Technically, the iPhone has a higher PPI, so when viewed from the same distance (like with an iPhone and iPad next to each other on a table), the iPhone should look sharper.

    In practice, can you actually notice a difference, or is the iPad’s retina display “close enough” that it looks basically identical to the iPhone’s?