‘Mari0’ game combines Super Mario Bros., Portal

MariO is a brilliant and strange new creation you can find for download from Stabyourself.net. It’s a mashup of Nintendo’s classic Super Mario Bros. platform game with Portal. That’s right – Mario now has a portal gun, which he can use to transport between different spots on the level, and various puzzle points on the menu have been worked to take advantage of this new gameplay mechanic.

The free game comes complete with four-player multiplayer coop gameplay, a level editor and downloadable map packs. It’s available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

I’d recommend grabbing it soon, because I can’t see Nintendo’s lawyers sitting down on this one for too long.

  • Ok, that is fucking brilliant.

  • TcsdWilkinson

     shut up and it is so brilliant i agree

  • Flamer 5784

    How do u even get to that game?

  • Anonymus

    how do i get it theres no way im buying it though im a 9 year old :l