A look at tomorrow’s Apple event through the gimlet eye of a tech journo

Mat Honan for Gizmodo:

And unless you accuse the media of being biased towards Apple products, you should have figured out by now that none of us even care. Who cares. Nobody cares. We are all so jaded and cynical that if cow shit brought in an audience, we would all be sitting in a pasture, DSLRs in hand, waiting breathlessly for the next patty to fall. Or at least, many of us would.We cover what we cover because it’s what you want us to cover. And as long as the audience comes in, we’ll be there to receive you.

Brutal. Funny. And completely honest.

  • Though it is ironic that this article is coming from a site that cannot attend the event.

  • jj

    We (the audience) don’t need you…crawl back into your basement.

  • I’ll be more impressed when Giz stops being such a major contributor to the problem. “We suck, but WE’LL NEVER STOP!” isn’t all that cool.

  • Peter Cohen

    Look, you can shit on Gizmodo all you want – Mat Honan isn’t part of the problem. What’s more, his observation on giving the people exactly what they’re looking for is spot on.

  • jj

    Poor things, what a horrible burden we put on you.

  • I really wonder what Apple’s motivation is to not stream these events- it would cut the legs out from underneath a lot of these sites.

    Am I crazy or wasn’t the iPad2 event live-streamed?  I distinctly remember the “Back to the Mac” was.

  • Damn it, that article might actually be good enough for me to want to read it.

    Gizmodo posting smart analysis? Nothing makes sense any more.