Prefab house comes equipped with Ikea furniture

Samantha Grossman for

The Swedish company hasn’t begun renting out its showrooms just yet, but it has partnered with Oregon architectural firm Ideabox to launch a line of prefabricated homes. Dubbed “aktiv,” the one-bedroom homes will be decked out entirely in hip IKEA decor. Expected to sell at $86,500, the homes are “Swedish inspired” and “full of personality,” according to the Ideabox website.

They look cozy and contemporary. At 745 square feet and with one bedroom, these are mighty small houses – enough for one or two people maximum. But if you have a small lot and you’re looking to build a snug bungalow, you could do a lot worse. Hopefully the houses themselves last a bit longer than the average piece of Ikea furniture.

  • rolphus

    745 square feet certainly isn’t “mighty small” in the UK.

    1 bedroom apartments are very often under 500 square feet, and 2 bedroom houses are often well under 750.

    The 820 sq ft, 2 bedroom apartment I lived in prior to my current (1200 sq ft) 3-storey town house was considered spacious. 

    The new place feels enormous for a couple!