The problem with Readability

Ben Brooks:

I like what Readability has tried to do with the service, and the apps are gorgeous, but I have a big problem with the approaches being taken by them. For one I can’t figure out if they want to be a great place to save articles for reading later, or do they want to be a middleman that helps make money for independent publishers and large publishers alike, or… I don’t know. The motives matter to me and I can’t figure out Readability’s.

I’m a long time user of Instapaper. I pay Marco for the service and have no plans to stop.

  • I agree on Readability. I prefer but only for interface reasons. Both apps are great and I pay for both of them. 

  • cecoleman

    I was a diehard InstaPaper user. However Readibilty completely won me over recently. The fact that is built into the Reeder app for Mac/iPhone/iPad makes it very compelling for me. Plus using the official app now on the iPad is pretty great. 

  • swotam

    I was originally a Read It Later user but switched to Instapaper and have zero reasons to stop. I support Marco via the in-app purchase. Readability might look nice, but what I’m really interested in is the content I saved to read later and for my dollar per month Instapaper is the best choice.

  • Sebi

    The problem for me is more that I like not only the texts which I save for ‘Read Later’, but also texts which I read immediately. helps to spend your money more selective.