Note to sports parents: don’t be douchebags

CBS Boston:

Medway-Ashland’s girls high school hockey team lost their appeal of their playoff loss Friday, after a parent was tossed from the game for aiming a laser pointer into the eyes of their goalie.

You have be a real piece of shit to pull this at any sort of sporting event, but especially at your kid’s hockey game.

(via CNet)

  • Some people are confused as to the purpose of sports and also locate their personal identity and ego outside their own body.

  • Here’s a simple (and just) response– ban him and ALL of his kids for life from any organized sport in the state.  You might think that is unfair to the kid but if that’s how the parent behaves this kid is never going to grow up learning about sportsmanship, etc.

    • adrianoconnor

      @twitter-14241354:disqus I think banning the parent would send the same message, equally strong. No need to ban the kid — she’ll know why her parent isn’t there supporting her…

      • Steven Fisher

        Yeah, I think banning the kids as well only dilutes the blame. It needs to be super concentrated on the douche who actually did this.

      • Obviously I don’t know the parent or the kid. But often the kid is just as bad as the parent w.r.t. sportsmanship, fair play, etc.  The other kids on the team would benefit from fewer miscreants on their team.

        However, the other part of my rationale is that maybe the thought that their kid could also be banned might cause parents to restrain themselves.

      • lucascott

        How about a compromise. Many of these programs require a parent to be present until a set age, typically between 13-15. When the kid reaches that age, she can rejoin the party so long as she behaves

        If the mother wasn’t present then perhaps they would just ban the father from games etc and Mom can be the parent in attendance

        And I hope the mother of the girl in question does go after him for assault/endangerment.

  • Steven Fisher

    A laser in the eyes could cause lasting eye damage. The law exists to protect people from damaging attacks. That it was a kid at a sporting event makes it even more reprehensible, it doesn’t excuse it.

    Criminal charges are needed.