Lytro camera review

The Verge:

The self-titled Lytro camera, a digital camera that neither looks nor operates like any camera you’ve ever seen: it measures megarays instead of megapixels, captures light fields instead of light, and lets you focus your pictures after you’ve taken them.We’ve been following the Lytro since its inception, and there’s absolutely no doubt that the camera represents a huge technological achievement, but will you be ditching your DSLR for a Lytro, or even your point-and-shoot? Read the full review to find out.

  • Seems like a very cool technology. The camera is not something that I would use today, but I look forward to see where it goes in the future.

  • VGISoftware

    I just can’t imagine why I’d want to change the focus between near and far after I’ve taken the shot–as if that lets me be undecided about focus as I’m taking the shot? Doesn’t make sense. If and when I learn more about it I may change my mind, but so far it just seems like a silly gadget.