Obama sings the blues with B.B. King, Jeff Beck

Very cool.

  • DiarrheaOfAnneFrank

    What an incompetent president/human being..

    • Gcurci

      Do you realize how different the lives of these treasured musicians are today because of the changes the civil rights movement brought about? They suffered and were part of that struggle, and Obama is a symbol of their victory. He was too young to participate, and his path to the top(regardless of your opinion of the job he is doing, he has made it to the very top of his field, President of The United States of America) was paved by the blood of many others of his race. They asked him to sing, and he honored that request, if you don’t get that, I’m sorry for you because you are an unevolved human being.

      • HAL

        He’d never pass an opportunity to blather on, sing a song, or get a camera shot. Hey, it was blues jam apparently – why do you have to make it a civil rights guilt trip (for those who may actually feel guilt about that)?

        • Yes, we get it. You’re tired of how much people who elected this man actually still like him, despite the best efforts of conservative think tanks and drooling nincompoop racists to smear him. 

          And you’re tired of hearing how many white people actually voted for him. It just doesn’t make sense to you, does it? I mean… look at the guy, right?

          You’re also tired of not acknowledging how intelligent he is, and how much he actually knows about policy and law. You miss the guy who couldn’t be bothered to learn stuff. These must be sad times for you.

    • His Shadow

      Don’t be so hard on yourself.

      Now, back to cleaning the pigeon shit from the bridge beams.

  • HAL

    Is there no aspect of human existence into which Obama is not injected? So tired of this over-hyped lightweight being thrust into my consciousness at every turn. Can only hope Jeff Beck was there because he had to be.

    • His Shadow

      Weird how the President of the United States would be considered newsworthy, isn’t it?


  • Would either of you have objected to the sight of a previous, conservative president doing similar things at a similar public function?

    • Player_16

      They’d rather see Sara or Newt perform on stage… Or do a duet!

      • They’d apparently rather see a lot of things that a conservative president would never have done in public with real jazz musicians. I’m also wondering if they’d rather be on some other forum, dropping turds about whoever else links to this video. It’s steady work, after all.