Dell’s the computer to use if taking photos of fat guys farting is your thing

Clayton Sotos – Visual Innovators from Visual Innovators on Vimeo.

[Editor’s note: 2/22, 4:20PM: Lots of people are asking me if this is a hoax, and I’ve suspected from the start that it is. I submitted it without comment because I want our readers to come to their own conclusion. Mat Honan from Gizmodo, a long-time friend of the Loop, has been doing some digging, so if you’re really curious about the story behind this, feel free to check in.]

  • What the fuck?

    • I Know Right

    • Tmarichal

      Dell is the new choice for artistic creation across all media. It’s nice to see them going after these niche markets.

  • ellizardo

    What. The. Fuck.

  • Peter posts the most disturbing stuff. I don’t even want to know how he found it.

  • Holy shit, this has to be a joke. Dell couldn’t have actually sponsored the capture of a fat man farting as how they fit into a creative workflow.

    Best. Commercial. Ever.

  • Peter Sieburg

    Wow. (throws imac into trash, farts and heads to dell store)

  • Lisamacnewton

    Disturbingly, hilariously AWESOME……XD

  • Coming soon: How an HP laptop can help you scratch your balls more creatively.

    • Rex

      The HP NadPad?

  • Andrew Konoff

    Loving how he’s using an iPhone…

  • Gimpy

    Warning: Due to the lame nature of  Mr. Soto’s work, some images (and most of the dialog) in this video may be considered incomprehensible by normal people. 

  • I’m convinced it’s not real. There’s no actual link to a domain anywhere. 

    ..still… it’s perfect parody.

  • psychobueller

    Are they fucking serious????

    Holy shit.

  • Wait, is that  Michael Q. Schmidt from Tim and Eric Great Show?

    • Michael Q. Schmidt

      Yup. It was I. 🙂

  • shinratdr

    Anyone else catch the iPhone 4 he uses at the beginning of the commercial?

  • horrified onlooker

    Oh. My. God. Has Michael Dell finally given up and let the inmates take over the asylum?

  • That was fucking bizarre! I guess we should be glad DELL didn’t choose to show us the making of “Two Girls One Cup”.

  • Dell actually made that video?  That’s not a parody video?  What idiot thought that would somehow help Dell’s brand in any way?

  • monkeyrun

    wtf that can’t be a real Dell ad…..

  • GreatBoo

    Is that a joke?

  • admiralpumpkin

    This cannot be serious.

  • This is a hoax.

  • David K.

    This has got to be a hoax/joke right?!?


  • Stacy


  • More of Clayton Soto’s work:

  • sigaba

    So you’re telling me that interview guy isn’t Fred Armisen?

  • MrPhotoEd

    Gives a whole new meaning to “This commercial stinks”.

    Just had to go there with this 2 cents worth. 


  • kongjie

    Yes, that is Michael Schmidt from Awesome Show Great Job.

    • Michael Q. Schmidt

      And fun to be so outrageous. 🙂

  • Lets leave aside the whole area of what the guy’s taking pictures of and whether it’s even serious or not (I can well imagine it is).

    Just what exactly is this supposed to say about Dell products?

    The Dell computer didn’t facilitate any aspect of his research or communication (his iPhone seemed to handle that) and he was using an expensive-looking medium format camera to take the actual shots.

    We see him review a few shots on an embarrassingly unresponsive touch screen using software that Dell doesn’t make, aaaaaand… that’s it?

    Why the hell would anyone go and search out a Dell because of this? What does it tell me I’ll be able to do with a Dell that I can’t do with any other commodity PC that runs the same third party OS and apps?

  • Apparently, idiocracy was only 494 years off….

  • Steven Fisher

    No way this is real. It’d be the coolest (and yes, WTFiest) ad Dell’s ever done.

  • crateish

    That’s a friend of mine on the table. He told me that Michael Dell paid for this production out of his own pocket. Dell is watching through a peephole on the far side of the studio.

  • LMAO.

  • Dude, I’m getting a (fart) DELL!!

  • Steve Kellman

    Clayton Sotos is an anagram for Classy On Toot. Hmmm…

  • Steve Buscemi

    It’s clearly a hoax. Why is a supposed Dell campaign on a completely different domain?  Why is the “Visual Innovators” website nothing more than a video, and why is that website obviously dedicated to this one video only, ie “fartist_websitebackground.png”? And why would anyone think that Dell would actually do this?

    …I still laughed my ass off though.

  • Dude! You’re getting a Dell!

  • Test

    hoax.  Google the analytics code from the website and you’ll find the author.

    • Peter Cohen

      Right, just like Mat Honan said on Gizmodo. I have no doubt it’s a hoax. It’s hilarious, though.

  • Commentator


  • Of course it’s a hoax! But a very well made hoax, and hilarious! 

  • Dean

    This will make Dell the butt of many jokes…just sayin’

  • Brian Gillespie

    I wonder how many people think this is for real.

  • dsheetz

    Pix or it didn’t happen. oh wait…

  • filmphotoweb

    Time for Michael to give the shareholders back their few lousy dollars…

  • dannyo152

    All I need is this Dell. And this camera. And this urban loft. And this assistant. And this lighting rig. And this cellphone. And this gaseous model. And the powdery stuff. And patrons who think vortexes are more fascinating when fart-induced. But, without that Dell Inspiron, I clearly almost wouldn’t be the visual innovator I think I am.

  • Mike

    Somebody thinks the ‘F’ is silent in “fart.” 

  • Microsoft had already cornered the “projectile vomiting” market, so I guess this was all that was left. 

  • If I were put in charge of Dell, I’d shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders.


  • oliversl

    Imposible, this has to to be a fake ad. lol wtf ftw farts!

  • rangerover411

    Beautiful. Thank you, Dell, for bringing great art into our lives.

  • FYI… the video is not affiliated with Dell. Here’s our official response:!/Dell/status/172422585152315392 

    • Peter Cohen

      Thanks for setting us straight, Lionel. And thanks to Dell for being such great sports about this. It’s definitely brightened our day.

  • Dmakds

    This looks like a PORTLANDIA sketch. Seriously, if you remove the Dell logo in the end, it totally looks like a portlandia sketch.

  • Dell’s new tag line. Need to fart? Buy a Dell.

  • blairh

    A lot of work for something that really isn’t that funny. Sorry.

  • I am pretty sure this is Dell pretending to pretending to be Dell. Hypertrolling to spread a viral video among the creative crowd. And apparently, they succeeded 🙂

  • Tarmar

    “I am a facilitator of moments”

    That ain’t what I say he facilitated! Too fuckin’ funny!

    This has to be an HP hack job, yes?

  • LTMP

    Made me think of this:  Japanese Fart Scrolls

  • Jay

    People actually fell for this. People actually fell for this.

  • Penguirl

    Why can’t Vimeo support non-Flash playback? Sure I could reload the page in Chromium, the question though is is it really worth it? Think I’ll pass this time.

  • benjamincrozat

    LOL. He just want to say Dell’s PC are a piece of shit.

  • Yup, that was me… Michael Q. Schmidt…  an actor for Tim and Eric, yes, and for many others… but as an artmodel I am willing to give a filmmaker or artist whatever special WTF moment they might need.

  • sabervan

    News means very much to us.