PlayBook gets email, but it’s still a piece of shit

Roger Cheng:

While RIM touts the ability to get e-mail, it’s actually using Exchange ActiveSync, and not the company’s own secure BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Without RIM’s secure network, the PlayBook’s e-mail access isn’t any better than what can already be found on an iPad or Android tablet.

I’m convinced RIM doesn’t want anyone to buy the PlayBook.

  • drock3322

    How is it a piece of shit because it “isn’t any better” than iPad or Android tablets?  Doesn’t that imply that the Blackberry phones that do use BES are better than other current devices? I don’t get it…

    • SilverPanda

      The PlayBook, at launch and until this year, was a piece of shit that, amongst other problems, lacked native email and calendar – that’s for an enterprise tablet, mind you.  Now the PlayBook finally got email, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is a worthless piece of shit, especially because it doesn’t even have the secure status of BES, one of RIM’s most important service features for companies – and a would-be selling point for the tablet. It’s just ordinary email in a crappy half-baked slate.  Thus, the PlayBook is still a piece of shit.

      • drock3322

        I still don’t get what makes it crappy and half-baked other than the email issue (now resolved).  The hardware’s supposed to be comparable or better than other tablets isn’t it?  I think I’d rather have the small 7″ form factor to put in my jacket pocket and carry around everywhere.  Also I really like how now you can plug it into a TV and use your phone (or other bluetooth HID device) as a remote to watch full 1080p movies.  Also i hear you can access the file structure from your PC via wifi and just drag and drop music/video back and forth without having to plug it in.

        I’m thinking of getting one but I want to figure out why people bash it so hard. 

        • Ron Playbook

          I have a playbook and a torch and I love both. They are awesome together. Android or iOS have nothing I need, Playbook has everything I need.

  • swotam

    I’m hardly the worlds biggest PlayBook fan and have bashed it mercilessly in these pages and on Twitter, but really, if I can get my work email on a PlayBook using ActiveSync in exactly the same way as I can on an iPad, iPhone, Android device, or Windows Phone device, what does it really matter? As a user I just want access to my mail, I don’t give a shit about the BES.

    Even as a BES admin (which I am) I’d rather not have PlayBooks added to the pile of devices I have to buy BES client licenses for. I can live without the manageability I get with BlackBerry devices in exactly the same way I live without the same manageability for any other ActiveSync device in our environment. To say that Exchange ActiveSync is “limited” from a management perspective is being generous. My employer doesn’t give a shit about the fact that it doesn’t connect to the BES either and are happy to add it to the BYOD pile without any associated cost of management or licensing.

    IMO this article nitpicks over than the fact that RIM hasn’t connected the PlayBook to the BES without providing any reasoning as to why they should, or how this makes the device any less secure than any other smartphone or tablet out there using ActiveSync. In fact, from a technical perspective it’s more secure than any Android or Windows Phone device due to the fact that those platforms don’t support Device Hardware Encryption which, in the case of my employer, is mandatory therefore the PlayBook is the only non-Apple device we permit to connect through ActiveSync.

    In other words, the who argument is sort of pointless.

  • Afim1967

    I have just bought a playbook and I regret so much, as nothing works straight fwd. If you want to use Skype, you have.     To do it via other browser. PDF reader doesn’t support some files… Nl wonder they. Are loosing business…

    • Cgcanon

      Can you. Write a whole. Sentence?

  • Haldor

    I cant use the USB or connect any other way to my computer because the RIM Network Device doesnt have driver (!!!) and the rim support not able to give me a normal answer this problem. Probably because they know nothing to.  And voila the problem is gone today. But still duno why acted like this. Its can not be normal. I cant use simple their “glorious” Android App Player I have hack the machine first somehow (ridiculous).I cant send or share my pictures or videos and this device always loose the downloaded content.There is a fantastic multitask system but its cant compare the android launchers. Its can be saved by the native android app runner.There is a lots of great idea but I agree. ITS A PIECE OF SHIT AT THIS MOMENT!

  • Cgcanon

    Just sold. My Playbook. Today. It never really. Worked to my. Satisfaction. Always very. Difficult to. Connect the. Wifi. ~ And even when. Connected browsing. Was a chore. ~ Most apps were. Nothing impressive. RIM dropped. The ball on. This.

  • mercury51

    too right