Apple on the antennae-gate lawsuit settlement

Apple settled a class-action lawsuit brought by users of the iPhone 4 that contended antenna issues caused some them to lose their wireless connection.

“This settlement relates to a small number of customers who indicated that they experienced antenna or reception issues with their iPhone 4 and didn’t want to take advantage of a free case from Apple while it was being offered in 2010,” Apple spokeswoman Natalie Harrison told me on Saturday.

The settlement gives users a free iPhone Bumper case or $15.

  • BurritoCanoe

    How do I get the bumper case? How do I find out if I’m eligible? Links?

  • So in other words, you get the same solution that every screamed wasn’t good enough?

    Fuck, but people are stupid.

    • Jasper

      You get to choose half the retail value in cash, I suppose that might be worth something. And the lawyers made out like bandits of course.

  • The settlement will have its own Web site, but it’s not up and running yet.

  • His Shadow

    My reception on Fido in Edmonton has been aces (except that their coverage outside major centers is spotty). But I guess I can pretend I had a problem and get 15 bucks of tunes. Wait, I already took my free bumper. Darn.