Horizontal Shower


At Swissbau 2012, kitchen and bathroom fittings manufacturer Dornbracht presented an expansion of the groundbreaking shower technology Ambiance Tuning Technique with the addition of a new application: the Horizontal Shower.With the Horizontal Shower, showering with the Ambiance Tuning Technique can be enjoyed lying down.

Wait, what? How lazy do you need to be that you have to shower lying down? It does look kind of cool though.

  • Frank

    Prisoners and their potential paramours around the world are left confused not knowing where to drop the soap.

  • It’ll never work in California and our low flow laws. And besides, how can you save water by showering with a friend or loved one?

    Wait, don’t answer that. 🙂

    Not to mention that marble base looks cold!

  • eikonklast

    What’s wrong with lazy? I much rather take a shower lying down.

  • mr_lizard13

    She’s getting a jet right in the crevice there.

  • Greg42

    Any excuse to post a pic of a naked woman, eh?

    The real problem isn’t the shower stream, it’s what you lie on.  That doesn’t look really comfy at all.  You can sit or lie down in your current shower although unless it has a real seat it’s probably not that desirable….

    • You don’t know for sure that she’s naked….


  • Does it come with that girl? Because I’ll buy it if it does.

  • Penguirl

    Perhaps the buyers will use the horizontal shower to get dirty, not clean.

  • Player_16

    Hmmm. Disabled people would probably like this. They struggle enough getting in and out of a bath-tub without jibs and hoist and power seats… and the indignity of needing a carer or nurse.  They can just slide on-and-off the slab onto their chair independently.