Apple seeks to sue bankrupt Kodak for patent infringement

Joel Rosenblatt for Bloomberg Business:

Apple Inc. asked a bankruptcy judge for permission to sue Eastman Kodak Co. over allegations it’s infringing patents that Apple says cover technologies used in printers, digital cameras and digital picture frames.

Kodak is looking to sell that part of its business, according to a statement Kodak issued last week. It’s likely that Apple’s looking to square that issue away before Kodak (and its creditors) make any money from the sale of its consumer products.

  • Nothing like kicking a wounded animal, eh?!

    • Peter Cohen

      Yeah, I guess Apple should just roll over and let Kodak sell that part of its business, patents be damned.

      • Actually, I don’t have a problem with Apple doing this… I was trying to comment on the sorry state that Kodak was in. Perhaps “and the hits just keep on coming” would have been more clear.

        • Steven Fisher

          Perhaps describing Kodak as “a wounded asshole” would have made it more clear. 🙂

          Not aimed at you: The reaction to this story is not surprising, but still disappointing. Even in bankruptcy, Kodak is continuing to at least make threats regarding patents. So why exactly should Apple back away? Why does Apple have an obligation to let the rabid dog continue to bite at them while it dies?