This is not the iPad 3

John Gruber talking about 8-inch iPad reported by WSJ:

This is not the iPad 3, which I believe will have a same-sized (9.7 inches) double resolution display. This is a different iPad, which, last I heard, Apple was only considering, not committed to bringing to market. I wouldn’t bet on it.

I agree with Gruber. We’ve known for a long time that Apple has been testing different screen sizes and there is no reason to believe that they have stopped. With advancements in display technology and other factors, it may make sense for a slightly smaller iPad at some point.

  • I agree with John Gruber. But I wonder if Apple might stay true to Steve Jobs statement about the right size for the iPad. but instead release a Maxi-iPod Touch……

  • Steven Fisher

    I think a smaller screen is chasing after the puck, rather than skating to where it’s going.

    What’s the real problem? Is the screen too big, or can the iPad be uncomfortably large? The latter. Why? Because the screen’s too big, or because it’s too heavy? Again, the latter.

    For the next few years, Apple will be focusing on stripping every ounce they can from the iPad. That’s the real problem. And that’s where they can succeed but other companies probably can’t.

    • The “smaller iPad” question can easily be summed up in two words: iPod Touch. It seems rather obvious that Apple would slightly increase the display size of the iPod Touch rather than introduce a whole new product. As a result, a smaller iPad isn’t out of the question, but it’s probably not a whole new product like everyone thinks it would be.

  • Anonymous

    What is the advantage of a slightly smaller screensize anyway? It still wouldn’t fit in your pocket. Also it would mean that UI designers had one more screen size to design for. Not going to happen.

  • Douglas Hebbard

    I love how this rumor keeps popping up. I guess there are those who haven’t heard that the 9.7″ iPad isn’t exactly failing in the marketplace.

  • Fatigue while holding the device is the biggest issue, although screen size does matter. A one pound 10″ screen will be harder to hold in one hand than a one pound 5″ device due the leverage from the weight being farther from the hand.

    The part I don’t understand is the UI issues. An 8″ screen has only 2/3 the area of a 9.7″ screen, and I believe Steve Job’s comment about needing to sand down your fingertips is a valid one.

    I’ve always thought it would make more sense to make a 6″ or 7″ iPod touch that can’t run iPad apps. It would still be great for reading books, watching movies, surfing the web, etc., and it wouldn’t have the UI issues since it would be a blown-up device rather than a shrunk-down device.

  • Steve.803

    @ronald:twitter  … i personally find the Kindle Fire much harder to hold comfortably than the iPad …  that said, even general motors builds “concept cars” … i

  • Castlegrey

    How about the 8-inch tablet as a remote for an Apple HDTV or more likely a new Apple TV? Think Wii U. It’d be more comfortable to hold, cheaper to produce, and still comfortable to read from typical reading distance.

  • This is not the iPad 3″…No, it’s not. But then again, the WSJ story doesn’t say it is. But for some bizarre reason, Gruber needs to tell us what we already know.

    • zato

      “But for some bizarre reason, Gruber needs to tell us what we already know.”

      Then don’t read it.

  • Christopher Mirabile

    A smaller screen with the same resolution as the iPad2 is technically feasible, but the question is whether the UI elements woud be too small and require people to sand down their fingers as Jobs predicted. Current number of pixels spread across 8″ might be just big enough to get by without needing to change any of the software. Might allow them to hit a lower price point and silence the small tablet clammoring without fragmenting the platform. But I agree it is unlikely.

  • Reid

    Two articles referenced, zero links to said articles.

    • Canucker

      Click on the title “this is not the iPad3”. It links directly to Grubers post which links to the WSJ article. Attributions are there. Instructions on how to click on a link can be found here:

  • orangwutang

    Why not release an 8″?  What’s the downside?  In fact, why not also release a 5″?  

    You could have the iPod Touch, a 5″ iPad or “iPod Touch Super” or whatever, a 7″ iPad, and the original 9.7″ iPad.  As long as Apple can preserve its margins at each size/price point, what would be the harm?  

    Personally I think I would love a 5″.  Could fit in many pockets – maybe not jeans pockets, but certainly jacket pockets, etc., and the extra size over the iPod Touch/iPhone would make it much more usable for me.  

    I love my iPad and my iPhone, but I frequently wish I had something in between.